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Comment Re:Well... yeh. (Score 1) 661

It's like looking at a dyslexic person and saying it's just a matter of self control when it comes to reading. It shows a profound lack of understanding of the issue.

I'm severely dyslexic and to a certain extent overcoming it is a matter of self control. Reading and writing were very difficult for me in elementary school but I overcame it to where I am a functioning member of society by years of hard work. Sure it is easy to make excuses for what ever genetic cards you were dealt but that really doesn't get you far in life.

Comment Re:Security systems (Score 1) 308

Don't most store security systems use VHS tapes for their security cameras?

If they switch to non-erasable DVD, there's going to be a metric ton of these that just go to waste every day.

I would think instead of using a VHS tape or DVD the video would just be stored to a hard drive for say a week or month and then recorded over.

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