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Blackboard Patent Invalidated By Appellate Court 142

Posted by timothy
from the mechanism-for-doing-stuff-described-herein dept.
Arguendo writes "A federal appeals court ruled Monday that Blackboard Inc.'s patent on a learning management system is invalid in light of the inventors' own prior software product. We have previously discussed the patent and Blackboard's trial court victory against Desire2Learn. It's not completely over, but this is almost certainly the death knell for Blackboard's patent. If so inclined, you may read the appellate court's decision here (PDF) or on scribd."

Comment: They always come back... twice (Score 2) 172

by pscott56 (#27975935) Attached to: Open Source's Battle In Africa
I essentially run a very large free software project in Africa, which is a pan African project, including folks in Nigeria called AVOIR (http://avoir.uwc.ac.za). The FUD that we encounter on a daily basis from the MS evangelists is quite amazing sometimes, as well as highly entertaining. The big issue here is that licence vendors are allowed into schools, and Free software is kicked out. This sets up a skill set for the kids that is purely MS based for later on, much like drug dealing and addiction IMHO

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