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Comment: Re:2 Words (Score 1) 810

by psavo (#45500197) Attached to: Electric Cars: Drivers Love 'Em, So Why Are Sales Still Low?

Most of the mileage change comes from different speeds used winter/summertime. I have absolutely the same mileage when I switch to studded tyres but still drive summertime limits (100km/h). When the wintertime speed limits (80km/h) come and I drive them, I get better mileage. Summetime range is ~900km/80l and wintertime is 1000km/80l on my volvo s80 (this is what computer says and I'm never actually close to emptying the tank, it usually only takes 55l at 700-800km mark)

Comment: Re:Windows didn't lose it (Score 2) 142

by psavo (#37308598) Attached to: Linux Kernel Moves To Github
I'll have to metoo on that. No luck moving installations were it 2k/XP or Win7. But I've moved same linux installation (originally installed debian/potato(?), then repo-shifted to ubuntu/warty) from a HP Vectra (PPro 200) to self-built AMD 1800MP then to current Intel Q6600. And every single time, even though all underlying devices changed, linux just booted up. Sure I did copying from HD to HD to move from older media, but system itself didn't need major hear surgery.

Comment: Forget the fame (Score 1) 283

by psavo (#33867614) Attached to: Grad Student Looking To Contribute To Open Source
You know what? Forget this "contributing". fuck em all. Do what's interesting and the easiest thing for you. Find a project that does things you're interested in, look it through and find what will drive your own interests and make it better. Then when they update, update along. Notice that your changes tend to get lost. Learn making patches and send them to that project. They'll integrate them and your changes will not get lost when you get latest changes from that project. That's the laziest and easiest thing to do and have any fun at all.

Screw duty and selfless contributing, it'll only earn you ulcers. Do the fun and laziest thing and get integrated into community.

Comment: Re:UIKit != AppKit (Score -1, Flamebait) 307

by psavo (#31894708) Attached to: Cross With the Platform
I just looked up it from the clock, and the year seems to be 2010 and these fuckers are still making the same mistakes that Symbian did in 1995. They still think about mobiles like they'll always be different from desktops. Well guess what, they have nearly same capasity now that desktops have and *most* of their capabilities are in the same ballpark. But *noooooo* the fucktards need to have their own unique type of a fucking color.

Fuck you, symbian & iphonetardos designers.

Logic doesn't apply to the real world. -- Marvin Minsky