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Comment: Re:Debian is teriffic (Score 0) 28 28

/agree i was 10 when I started debian in 1992. a guy on efnet whom i idolized got me into linux. Wherever you are VCHILE- thank you. i actually hopped on efnet recently..after not going there since early 2000s...its really dead..a mere mirage of what used to be.. freenode 3

Comment: Re:Stills seems like it has to be an inside job (Score 0) 228 228

Interesting. Missing 1/1000th of the annual billion+ transactions every quarter can be found by a manual audit , but not detected by programmed oversight?

Wait, it's those damn programmers, huh?

sounds like office space! PC LOAD LETTER?!?!?!@%!@%!@%

All the simple programs have been written.