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Comment: Information influences decision making (Score 4, Insightful) 138

by protoporos (#46987917) Attached to: Can Google Influence Elections?
If you control the information, you can exert significant influence in the decision-making process of the individuals that use your service. You should not need a big research to figure this out.

Actually that happens also to be the most major "design gap" in Democracy (and I say that, even though I'm Greek). The fact that you will increase the decision makers in a topic does not mean that you will get a better & more objective decision, simply because they might lack the proper, accurate information to make an informed judgment. In other words, by increasing N, you average out the localized/special interests, but you also reduce the average amount of information each "unit" has on the topic (because you sum and divide by N).

So, coming back to the topic, accurate information is a key contributing factor for good decision making, especially for important topics like who will be your head of state for the next ~4 years. That is why diversification is beneficial even in your personal "information channels".

Comment: Consciousness is just better pattern matching (Score 1) 426

In my opinion, the fact that our thoughts feed back into our incoming stimuli processing areas (so we can experience our thoughts, and thus remember them) along with the fact that as humans we sport a very advanced pattern matching capability on incoming stimuli compose the two critical factors needed for self-consciousness to arise. It's just a matter of adding the dots; realizing that all the stimuli that you experience have a common denominator (a common pattern), you. All the living beings with similar pattern matching capabilities in their brain should have developed a type of consciousness. You could say consciousness is like... critical mass. Above a certain point and the reaction is totally different. If you don't have enough mass, you might never experience the chain reaction. But that doesn't mean it's not there... Once you go above it, a new world of capabilities unfolds. -------- V. Toulias

Comment: War on Information imminent? (Score 5, Insightful) 427

by protoporos (#44669959) Attached to: NSA Cracked Into Encrypted UN Video Conferences
Am I the only one seeing a war on information soon descending upon us?
Governments, once they realize the full breadth & capability of the US surveillance, and the fact that they themselves are vulnerable, and not only their citizen... they will soon decide to take action! And of course the US, having the confrontation with China in mind (and that it cannot weaken its position in such a critical time), will not back down easily.

Net neutrality is the first that could go, but I'm not sure it will be the last.

Do you think that Snowden will prove to be the trigger to the 3rd WW? (but an information/electronic one this time)

+ - Anonymous unleashed a "nuclear" strike on Greek Parliament

Submitted by protoporos
protoporos (900257) writes "Two days ahead of their promise, Anonymous have completed successfully a strike on the whole web infrastructure of the Greek Parliament, catching the Greek officials unprepared. According to an analysis (in Greek) of a Greek security news website, this is the biggest hit ever, managing to gain access to domain controllers and the credentials of all the congressmen and parliament officials! The emails of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras (asamaras) and second in command E. Venizelos (venizelos) seem also to have been compromised. They have even posted pictures of gmail accounts. The attack comes as a response to the recent, totalitarian close-down of the public TV network (ERT) as detailed here. A clear mention of individual targeting as a next step is clearly mentioned."

"Being against torture ought to be sort of a multipartisan thing." -- Karl Lehenbauer, as amended by Jeff Daiell, a Libertarian