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Comment: Re:Um.... (Score 1) 430

by prof187 (#34652296) Attached to: Placebos Work -- Even Without Deception

Only if you don't understand the definition of a placebo.

I was thinking the same thing. Did they fully explain that by "placebo" and "no active ingredients" it means that they are taking something with no medicinal value? If you don't gather from the explanation that the pills should have no effect on you, then it's still a placebo (in the intended sense).

Comment: Been on tickets for a while (Score 1) 636

by prof187 (#32451428) Attached to: Guess My Speed and Give Me a Ticket, In Ohio

I remember seeing this on a ticket years ago. There were two boxes, one indicating that a radar gun was used, the other saying that the person was visibly speeding. I'm surprised it's taken this long to come up honestly. Though I was under the impression it was to get people who were obviously driving much faster than the speed limit, not for minor speeding.

Comment: Bound to happen (Score 2, Interesting) 335

by prof187 (#29192013) Attached to: Report That OS X Snow Leopard May Include Antivirus

As OS X becomes more popular it's pretty much inevitable that people will *want* AV on their computers. Be it from the paranoid to the clueless who "heard from a friend of a friend that Macs are insecure" -- or just someone playing it safe -- a move like this would make sense to ease consumer fears. Yes, they already sell AV products from third-parties, but in the same way Windows has its own set of security tools this is Apple's way of showing that you don't just have to trust them, they're actively involved in proving the safety of their product.

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