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+ - Metroid series turns 25

Submitted by prod-you
prod-you writes: August 6th marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of your favorite series, Metroid and its amazing heroine Samus Aran! As you may or may not know, this year is also the twenty-fifth anniversary of Nintendo's green-capped Hylian's series, The Legend of Zelda. Although great for Zelda, this also means that Nintendo has chosen to keep its focus on our elf-like hero rather than on our gal Sammy. This does not mean that Samus's birthday will go unnoticed; we and you the fans are celebrating Metroid's 25th birthday!

Comment: Tablet for school (Score 1) 396

by prod-you (#34809286) Attached to: When Should I Buy an Android Tablet?
I'm also in the market for a tablet for school (or maybe a laptop, though i'd like to play around with android). I'm looking for long battery life, and quick startup/sleep. My old laptop only lasts for about 20 minutes without power so I need to get something soon. Probably going to use it to markup slides or maybe handwritten notes (formulas and stuff like that). Also would be used to remote desktop to my windows pc at home for any heavy lifting (compiles). There's wifi everywhere, so don't need or want a data plan with it.

The galaxy tab seems cool, but I don't want to be forced into a data plan. The archos 101 seemed much more reasonable. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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