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Should Copyright of Academic Works Be Abolished? 349 349

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the time-for-the-copyright-anarchist-movement-to-start dept.
Dr_Ken writes to mention recent coverage of a Harvard Cyber-Law study on Techdirt that analyzes the uses of copyright in the academic world. Some are claiming that the applications of copyright in academia are stifling and that we should perhaps go so far as to abolish copyright in the academic world entirely. "I've even heard of academics who had to redo pretty much the identical experiment because they couldn't even cite their own earlier results for fear of a copyright claim. It leads to wacky situations where academics either ignore the fact that the journals they published in hold the copyright on their work, or they're forced to jump through hoops to retain certain rights. That's bad for everyone."

Comment: Other recommendations... (Score 1) 1092 1092

by probityrules (#28171659) Attached to: Making a Child Locating System

1) Not needed - just look at her.
2) Allows you to see the real-time position of your daughter in precision 3d detail.
3) All appropriate information available without using any devices
4) Take her with you anyplace in the world
5) Stop looking at her.
6) Hmmm ... ... not sure about this ...

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