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Comment: Re:too bad it's true (Score 1) 302

by proberts (#43124661) Attached to: Shuttleworth On Ubuntu Community Drama

All that "user friendly" bloat isn't necessary on a server-- every usage of an OS isn't the same, and the requirements aren't either. Why should everyone pay for the inefficiency of those who can't/won't/didn't learn? Seriously-- adding in "user friendliness" is adding in bloat- which hampers performance and storage, so why should everyone pay that tax?

Also let's not forget the phrase "with great power comes great responsibility." Those who won't learn anything are more likely to be compromised- so making things easier to use for those who won't learn doesn't improve the overall environment, it pollutes it- that's an issue that's not often addressed in ease-of-use cases.

Finally, I'll point out the obvious fact that most folks who complain about what Linux isn't are people complaining about what OTHER PEOPLE aren't doing to it-- you want it to be "user friendly," contribute. Oh- wait- it's HARD to contribute and EASY to complain...

Comment: Re:One thing that annoys me... (Score 1) 269

by proberts (#18567701) Attached to: Firefox 3.0 Preview
> You, my friend, are a shining example of why FLOSS gets a bad wrap. Here are a few hints for you, genius:

It's ironic that you're trying to be ironic with the word genius, but can't use the correct words in your very first sentence. It's "bad rap," genius.

> Not everyone is a developer.

Which is why I mentioned non-development alternatives.

> His question was within the context of TFA. He was asking the Slashdot community whether anyone knew if this was being worked on already.

Give me a break, first you crow that not everyone is a developer, then you claim Slashdot is the venue to ask about the development roadmap of a project? With logic like that, you're not going to get very far in life. The Firefox project makes their bug reporting system available for both search AND submission- that's the canonical reference point for checking on bugs, not Slashdot. The project also makes available a Web forum, newsgroup and IRC channel- all of which are monitored by the folks who will actually FIX the issue if the complaintant doesn't have the inclination and they're convinced fixing it is the Right Thing[tm.] Surely you're not suggesting that the complaintant's Slashdot posting is a better venue, or that they should take the word of a Slashdot poster over that of a member of the project?

> Everyone that uses FLOSS has the responsibility to fix bugs themselves and meticulously file bug reports?

IF you want it to be better, then yes- if you just want to whine and not get anything changed, then Slashdot is the perfect venue. Since you seem to be good at that, I can see where you'd recommend it.

When you grow up enough to stick to reason instead of name calling, let me know.


I never cheated an honest man, only rascals. They wanted something for nothing. I gave them nothing for something. -- Joseph "Yellow Kid" Weil