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Submission + - China building gigantic, weird structures in the d->

UpnAtom writes: "The Chinese Government has been responsible for well-known human rights abuses and growing the economy to match the size of the US one.
Anyone feeling insecure now has something else to get freaked out about.
Gigantic weird structures have been founf in the desert. Does anyone know what these might be?"

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Submission + - Angry Bird Catapulted Into Space->

astroengine writes: "Not satisfied with being catapulted across iPhone and iPad screens all over the world, this particular Angry Bird (the "plain old projectile" one) decided to use the ultimate catapult to blast himself into space: a Soyuz-FG booster rocket. The Soyuz capsule successfully launched two cosmonauts and a NASA astronaut to the International Space Station last night, and they used the Angry Bird soft toy as a "zero gravity indicator."

"As you can see from the Angry Bird floating above Shkaplerov, the crew has reached orbit," the NASA launch commentator said humorously during the live NASA TV footage of the launch."

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Submission + - Nintendo 3DS Beats DS in Launch Year Sales->

itwbennett writes: "According to a press release issued by Nintendo, the 3DS is on track to sell more units than the original Nintendo DS did in its launch year. (Remember, the DS went on to be the best-selling game console in the history of the hobby.) While this is good spin, it's not cause for celebration, says blogger Peter Smith. Just last week some numbers from Flurry Analytics were adding more credibility to the idea that smartphones are replacing handheld gaming devices. Flurry projects that for 2011 iOS and Android gaming will account for 58% of $3.3 billion spent on mobile gaming. The news gets worse: in Flurry's graphs, Nintendo's share of this revenue dropped from 70% to 36%."
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Submission + - Microsoft allows WinMo7 rooting app on Marketplace->

primesuspect writes: "A new app on the Windows Mobile 7 marketplace allows rooting of your Windows Mobile 7 phone, and it has Microsoft's blessing. Are they taking a page from Palm's playbook and allowing homebrewers to help future development of the platform?"
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