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Comment: Re:Proton Pack (Score 2) 810

by prgammans (#34789114) Attached to: Running Your Own Ghost Investigation?

it isn't.

Just like we all know the earth is flat and that it must be the centre of the universe.

You really should speak to Ferdinand Magellan and ask why the set out to find a westward trade route because he's going to fall of the edge of the earth, or maybe you just think Galileo was stupid and would like to tell him is observations where pointless .

After all did you think the earth was round or something stupid like that, not pear-shaped [obligatory wikipedia quote ]

Science is all about testing preconceived ideas, there may well be no evidence to prove a haunting but that's why you investigate scientifically. You never know you might just find there is something odd going on 'the root cause of the belief' this in turn you instigate and then possibly you find something mundane. An odd effect of the central heating and natural air currents due to the shape of the building causing sudden cooling of a single room, or heaven above something as earth changing as the earth not being flat...


Games Workshop Goes After Fan Site 174

Posted by Soulskill
from the don't-anger-your-base dept.
mark.leaman writes "BoingBoing has a recent post regarding Games Workshop's aggressive posturing against fan sites featuring derivative work of their game products. 'Game publisher and miniature manufacturer Games Workshop just sent a cease and desist letter to, telling them to remove all fan-made players' aids. This includes scenarios, rules summaries, inventory manifests, scans to help replace worn pieces — many of these created for long out of print, well-loved games...' As a lifelong hobby gamer of table, board, card and miniature games, I view this as pure heresy. It made me reject the idea of buying any Games Workshop (read Warhammer) products for my son this Christmas. Their fate was sealed, in terms of my wallet, after I Googled their shenanigans. In 2007 they forbid Warhammer fan films, this year they shut down Vassal Modules, and a while back they went after retailers as well. What ever happened to fair use?"

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