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Comment One and Done (Score 1) 90

This is great for the world and people getting together and carpooling is wonderful for the environment, however as a business model it falls into a much smaller category. After finding a carpool group that works people will likely stop using the app and just pay each other and exchange information since going to work is pretty much an every day occurrence. This effectively will cut out the middle-man for any really successful matches.

Comment Re:Too many pixels = slooooooow (Score 1) 263

I don't agree... with the proper graphics setup, an 8k desktop environment at something like 80" in a wide format would be an amazing experience for productivity.... there are already tons of professions and enthusiasts that use 6+ monitors arranged in a grid to display lots of information or use many different applications. This just eliminates the bezels. People think it's all about the pixel density... this is more about stretching your screen without losing resolution. One huge curved 8k display would be my dream working in dispatch I have 2-5 websites, email, proprietary software, mileage program, and notes all crammed onto 3 1080p screens and I'm suffocating.

Comment if you're going all out... go all out (Score 1) 133

I built a custom hutch for my 3 23.6" ASUS 1080p LED Monitors (10,000,000:1 contrast) that's 70.8" diagonal screen real estate. 5760x1080 resolution. as you can see it's not a gaming rig, gaming is not very practical for multiple monitors. Multitasking is the real venture here and it's a great help with that. hard to see how thin they are but it looks like cardboard from the back because they're all

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