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Comment Re: What is the significance? (Score 3, Informative) 51

It had GLES support with no X11 driver, not big-boy OpenGL. This should enable stuff like Blender, hardware compositing in KWin, or running Kodi in a window (rather than full-screen all the time).

This is a huge step forward for the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi.

Comment Re:Open Source (Score 1) 166

Yes, most of android devices ship with the play store, but you still have the option to completely ignore it.

No, you don't have that option as long as it's installed. Play store will update apps on your device that it didn't install. Install Firefox from F-Droid, and googleplay will update it. There's no way to remove it. The only way to get rid of Play, is to install a ROM that doesn't have it pre-installed.

Comment Re:Pack your bags Apple, Ubuntu is on the scene no (Score 1) 96

A web browser that isn't awful. Anything that can run uMatrix would suffice. The only way to get a decent browser on Android is with a real linux chroot and X11 app (and the X11 app ruins Chromium's built-in touch support). All the native browsers are fucking horrible. FF for Android is arguably the best, and it's still awful, supporting only a tiny subset of FF addons (no NoScript, no uMatrix). Chrome for Android doesn't support extensions at all.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 2) 364

Which is why they cannot use the term theft when talking about pirates because that is libel or slander (depending on the medium) as they would be accusing them of a crime they did not commit.

"Piracy" is the act of robbery or criminal violence at sea. Therefore, calling copyright infringers "pirates" is just as slanderous as calling them thieves.

Comment Re:Latest AMD GPus are Fury and 3xx not 2xx, 7xxx (Score 2) 98

There is a reason (LiquidVR) Dell/Alienware went exclusively with AMD for Oculus Rift builds, somehow that doesn't matter for SteamOS, eh?

Correct. That doesn't matter for SteamOS. Occulus announced they were dropping Linux (SteamOS) and Mac support back in May.

AMDs GPUs are more than competitive at the moment, stop spreading BS.

Maybe on Windows, but if you RTFA, you'd see that in Phoronix's tests, the $650 R9 Fury X was regularly outperformed by a $120 GeForce GTX 750 on SteamOS.

Comment Re:Freedom vs Permissiveness? (Score 1) 250

If we were talking just about source code and binaries weren't a thing at all, then GPL would be this kind of license: "you can copy and distribute this code, so long as you let anyone else copy and distribute any modifications you make to this code if you choose to distribute your modified version".


I also have the choice to distribute nothing. I can run my modified versions of GPL code on my own servers, and even charge people mountains of money to use it, SaaS style. Under the GPL, I don't need to provide source for anything.

This ugly reality is why the FSF created the GNU Affero license.

Comment Re:Playing devil's advocate here... (Score 1) 668

Many "real treatments" are actually only moderately better than placebos and come with significant side effects; yet placebos are often much better than no treatment at all.

This is why the Bonkers Institute is recommending that sugar pills be replaced with warfarin:

"One of the most common rodenticides is warfarin, a chemical compound introduced commercially in 1948 and still widely used as rat poison today, sold under brand names like Adios, Dethnel, Kaput, Kumatox, Rat-B-Gone and Warfarat. Scientists discovered that small doses of warfarin, though lethal to laboratory mice, could actually be of therapeutic value to humans. In 1954 the FDA approved warfarin as a human anticoagulant, and today it remains the anticoagulant of choice, commonly prescribed for the prevention of blood clots in patients with a history of heart disease. Brand names include Coumadin and Jantoven. Serious life-threatening side effects are relatively rare in most patients, especially at low doses of 1 milligram or less." ...

"Replacing sugar pills with rat poison would have far-reaching implications for the way new drugs are marketed to the public. Claiming that a drug works "better than a sugar pill" is simply another way of saying it's better than nothing. On the other hand, saying a drug is "better than rat poison" may cause patients to think twice before swallowing it. Describing adverse effects as "similar to rat poison," "not as bad as rat poison," or "milder than rat poison" would be a simple yet effective reminder to both patients and physicians that FDA-approved prescription medicines are seldom fatal when taken as directed." ...

"The universal adoption of a "rodenticide standard" will mark the dawn of a new medical era. By adopting rigorous new guidelines requiring every drug entering the market to be at least as safe and effective as rat poison, many lives will be saved, litigation avoided, and negative publicity minimized. No longer merely "better than nothing," medicine of the future would actually be superior to nonlethal quantities of a known toxic substance. The bar has been raised from sugar pill to rodenticide."

Comment Don't buy to use with your PC (Score 1) 99

Microsoft advertises windows support for their xbone controllers. They sell a cable for the explicit purpose of using with your Windows PC.

And when it breaks after just a couple days, you're screwed.

They refuse to honor the warranty if you don't also own an xbone.

"Note You must register your Xbox One console to replace a wireless controller thatâ(TM)s under warranty."

Seems like a flagrant violation of Magnuson-Moss to me.

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