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Comment: Re:Educational Purposes (Score 1) 68

by prefect42 (#49273977) Attached to: GCHQ Builds a Raspberry Pi Super Computer Cluster

If you're just wanting to learn MPI, then a regular multicore PC/laptop is perfectly fine, since it's basically a tiny HPC with a very fast interconnect. If you have access to more than one machine, even better, as you've then got two machines connected with a slow interconnect, so you properly feel the pain of communication costs, and how to distribute your workload best.

Comment: Re:What special about beliefs if they're religious (Score 1) 894

by prefect42 (#48820935) Attached to: Pope Francis: There Are Limits To Freedom of Expression

Judaism has the same fundamental conflict with Chrstianity, but we get by. But then to be honest, we get by pretty well with Islam too.

I'd hate for all Christians to be tarred with the brush of the worst, as much as I'd hate the same for Muslims, or indeed any group. The problem with the majority of Muslims is... there really isn't one. It's no more true than me saying that the problem with most Americans is that they're gun toting, pie eating idiots.

Comment: Re: Easy to solve - calibrate them to overestimate (Score 1) 398

by prefect42 (#48199209) Attached to: Speed Cameras In Chicago Earn $50M Less Than Expected

There's one junction I know of, where you can't see the exit is clear if you turn left at a crossroad because of buildings and the white line being a long way back. As a result you honestly can't know for sure the exit is clear when you go. At least with the daily mail example, you have the option of not doing it, although depending on the cycle of the lights you may never progress...

Comment: Re:Easy to solve - calibrate them to overestimate (Score 1) 398

by prefect42 (#48195173) Attached to: Speed Cameras In Chicago Earn $50M Less Than Expected

There's one intersection in my city where I enter it on a green, and it turns red before I'm on the other side. People have learned to wait 20 seconds after their light turns green to let traffic in the other direction finish.

I don't know what it's like in your country, but in the UK, the light you pass when you enter is the relevant one. The other is just there to make it easier to see. There's always a white line to denote the real stop line.

It is masked but always present. I don't know who built to it. It came before the first kernel.