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Comment Re:Who Cares? (Score 1) 262

Companies maximise profit, and they influence politicians to get the loopholes they want to avoid paying tax. Your annoyance needs to be focussed on the politicians for doing this, not the companies, I agree. That doesn't mean you should feel good about companies lobbying and then using loopholes to avoid tax.

You obviously have the option of not using companies that behave in ways that you disapprove of. Don't like companies that don't pay a living wage? Boycott them. Don't like companies that go to extreme lengths to avoid tax? Don't buy from them. Don't want bonded labour to be used to make what you buy? Don't buy it.

If enough people behaved this way, companies would start to behave better. The reality is that people choose to not find out, or don't care, then buy the cheap thing off the shelf.

When you renew your insurance, do you get the cheapest, or the one that you trust to deal with you fairly when you actually need them? I think the majority pick the former. Does that mean they deserve to get screwed when they need them? I'd say no, but it doesn't necessarily encourage the industry to evolve in a good direction.

Comment Re:No hardware or software fault? (Score 1) 80

I'm not sure that's a sound argument. You should be checksumming such that you're confident that what you're doing is what you were asked to do, and working in transactions, such that if you've not received a whole command group, you're not running any of it. I'd think it was only in desperate circumstances you'd issues a command that says do this, or in fact do anything plausible if you don't fully receive this, because you're about to fly into something hard...

Comment Re:Unfortunately, they're right (Score 2) 289

It happened to me with genuine products. Logitech keyboard/mouse that had a bluetooth receiver. Windows 7 decided it should have a new shiny bluetooth 3 driver installed for it which didn't work, which lost you access to the keyboard and mouse. Downgrade and pin, as you say, or disable the bluetooth entirely and have it act just as a keyboard/mouse.

Comment Re:Diminishing returns (Score 1) 181

Sure, but the smaller you go, the higher the ppi, and I'm just not feeling the benefit for most of the work I do. You're at 160ppi with a 28" screen, so end up scaling things up to make them a better size to use. At that point, yet you've got slightly nicer looking visuals, but not more lines of text. That said, the 28" you point to is a very attractive price, so you end up not having to argue for paying for 4k, as they're just a pair of reasonably priced 28" screens.

Comment Re:Diminishing returns (Score 1) 181

But the argument you're making is for screen real estate there. A pair of Dell 27" 110dpi 2560x1440 IPS monitors for £800 for me is probably of more interest than a 4k 32" screen. 50% more area, at a DPI that's adequate, for slightly less than a decent 32" 4k screen costs. Having used the Dell 32" 4k screen, I couldn't convince myself that the DPI was doing me any favours in normal work.

Comment Re: So - the fact that others are doing it makes i (Score 3, Informative) 312

That's not true. Companies charge what the market can bear, and if they had lower taxes, they'd mostly just reap higher margins. Do you really think Apples prices would significantly rise if their tax burden went up? That's certainly not true of all markets.

Comment Re:So - the fact that others are doing it makes it (Score 1) 312

In an ideal world, the electorate can deal with the immoral government, and the government can deal with the immoral company by making their actions illegal (if indeed it's the will of the people to crack down on immoral activity).

I'm not arguing that they should be punished for being immoral, but long term, they probably *should* expect the law to stop treating them so favourably.

Comment Re:Lower taxes (Score 5, Interesting) 312

If you think the government gives you nothing back, you're right to be annoyed. I get free health care, free education, free social care, a welfare system to look out for me if I'm in trouble, a pension when I got old (perhaps). I get police to keep things in order and try to make sure that I get to keep what's left of what I earn, and a fire brigade to look out for me. An ambulance that'll take me to hospital if that doesn't pan out. I get money channelled into research no company would have an interest in pursuing, but that makes people's lives better. I get roads to drive and walk down, and parks to take my kids to. I get playgrounds and lakes. I get food that doesn't kill me, and toys that don't hurt my kids. I get a computer that doesn't injure me.

But yeah, down with the government.

Comment Re:So - the fact that others are doing it makes it (Score 4, Interesting) 312

Your definition of not hurting anyone is fairly important though. I think in this case, the company *and* the government could be morally but not legally in the wrong. They transferring money from the government to their own bank account. If you pretend for a minute that the government does things that are good for the people, then they're preventing some of this from happening.

Comment Re:Educational Purposes (Score 1) 68

If you're just wanting to learn MPI, then a regular multicore PC/laptop is perfectly fine, since it's basically a tiny HPC with a very fast interconnect. If you have access to more than one machine, even better, as you've then got two machines connected with a slow interconnect, so you properly feel the pain of communication costs, and how to distribute your workload best.

Comment Re:What special about beliefs if they're religious (Score 1) 894

Judaism has the same fundamental conflict with Chrstianity, but we get by. But then to be honest, we get by pretty well with Islam too.

I'd hate for all Christians to be tarred with the brush of the worst, as much as I'd hate the same for Muslims, or indeed any group. The problem with the majority of Muslims is... there really isn't one. It's no more true than me saying that the problem with most Americans is that they're gun toting, pie eating idiots.

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