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Comment Re:There's truth on both sides here (Score 1) 1037

There is a stark difference between what consenting adults do in a private place and what consenting adults discuss doing to other, non-consenting adults. Some of those discussions are even illegal (not many in the US though, and I hope it stays that way).

Comment TheGameCrafter (Score 1) 57

You don't even need Kickstarter, there are print-on-demand self-publishing for board games. Generally, board game publishing requires minimum runs in the thousands. A few years ago, I worked on the first version of TheGameCrafter, which makes it even easier. Then, once you've got a few prototypes, you can move it onto Kickstarter for a full production run.

Comment Re:Slavery 2.0 Rocks!!! (Score 1) 396

Try to take time off to look for a new job, or even, as the article mentions, because you're actually sick, and you get fired for cause. No unemployment while you try to find a new job. Tell someone you're looking for a new job? Have a stupid potential employer phone your current boss about your resume/interview? They'll find a cause to fire you and you're out. No unemployment.

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