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Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 2, Insightful) 680

Welcome to the game of power dynamics! If you call them out, will they make your life difficult? If you call them out, will they physically attack you? If you call them out, will they use their authority to subtly destroy your life or career? The answer to all these questions is "I don't know!"

Comment Re:There's truth on both sides here (Score 1) 1044

There is a stark difference between what consenting adults do in a private place and what consenting adults discuss doing to other, non-consenting adults. Some of those discussions are even illegal (not many in the US though, and I hope it stays that way).

Comment TheGameCrafter (Score 1) 57

You don't even need Kickstarter, there are print-on-demand self-publishing for board games. Generally, board game publishing requires minimum runs in the thousands. A few years ago, I worked on the first version of TheGameCrafter, which makes it even easier. Then, once you've got a few prototypes, you can move it onto Kickstarter for a full production run.

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