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Comment: Re:Double Standard? (Score 1) 569

Since filing a false report is itself illegal, free speech does not apply, but to assume that it was applied here: What Charlie Hebdo did would be considered protected speech in the US.

The standard in the US is exactly "speech directed to incite or produce imminent lawless action".

It means you must:

* Incite someone to commit a specific crime (e.g. kill someone)
* At some specific time (imminent) (e.g. tomorrow)

Comment: Re:The problem is the fuzz, not the swatters (Score 1, Informative) 569

As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, that has happened, and since it was a real emergency, the police department is now being sued.

"An investigations by NBC reveal that the police department was alerted anonymously, with the caller informing them that the suspect possessed several types of firearms and had expressed their frustration with the victim numerous times. When asked about this apparent warning, the commissioner declined to comment. An officer working the case who spoke with NBC on the condition of anonymity revealed that they did not take the warning seriously, citing many cases in which police were sent to a location based on such warnings only to find that the warning was a hoax, leaving bills in property damage and unknown damages in lost time and personnel availability. A spokesperson for the family of the victim has stated the family's intent to sue the police department for gross negligence in this matter, and NBC has learned that the caller - later identified as the suspect's brother - is also seeking legal recourse."

Comment: Re:No shit (Score 2) 248

by preaction (#49051237) Attached to: Smart Homes Often Dumb, Never Simple

Exactly. Present the UI all the users are familiar with, then add another UI that can do other things, like turn the lights on remotely, or on a timer, or something.

I remember when car stereos went to all buttons, no dials, and it was distracting because it was (a) new, and (b) suboptimal. Distraction + driving = dead.

Less chance of dying here, but still...

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