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Comment: Highly personal? yeah right... (Score 2) 157

by prcko (#35477246) Attached to: 41% of Facebook Users Willing To Divulge Personal Info
Here in Sweden there is a site at, where by typing a full name, you get information on home address (including the flat number) with link to a map, link to yellow pages with your home phone number, mobile number, etc, and of course the date of birth. Also they provide a service to show you who else is living on the same address, with their "highly personal" information. Very good to know who else is living on the same floor, to get a name of the spouse incl birthday and mobile phone number, etc... Then by doing some searching on the web, you could probably get the pictures of all the people on the floor, etc. The actual problem is not whether or not the information is considered "highly personal" by me, as much as by other people that are trusted with my personal info. After all, I deserve my own stupidity, but not the stupidity (or greed) of others...

Comment: Re:Fast web OS needed! (Score 2, Interesting) 1089

by prcko (#28620697) Attached to: Google Announces Chrome OS, For Release Mid-2010

And when you click it it loads in a second, instead of the several minutes my Outlook used to take to even be barely useable. The choice is clear, sluggish native apps are becoming obsolete, and lightweight online apps are becoming more and more reliable. And when you only use these kind of netapps, why bother installing a bloated OS.

Lately, this confuses me a lot. NATIVE, LOCAL applications are actually slower and more sluggish then networked, script-based apps. I mean, shouldn't the native, local apps be far more superior to scripted Internet-based apps when it comes to speed and response time; no matter how much you can optimise the rendering and script engines? It doesn't seem logical to me, anyways...

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