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Comment Too many separate apps (Score 1) 320

The problem with Apple software on Windows is that if all you want is iTunes, you end up with 3-5 apps installed. iTunes, QuickTime, iCloud, Safari, Apple Software Updater. The other problem is that the software update utility tends to list iTunes as the recommended update to install and leaves the others listed only as optional. It would be better if each app was released separately and updated themselves directly rather than trying to use the software update utility. They should also have an option to automatically install the latest update the same way browsers like Chrome and Firefox do.

Comment Re:MakeMKV = Make me happy! (Score 1) 236

Forgot to mention, I cut the cord with Comcast about 6 years ago and never looked back. Since doing so there have only been 3 TV shows that I wanted to watch that were either not available directly over the Internet or not released for digital purchase within a reasonable time frame. One exception to this has been Top Gear (UK) which would release digitally on iTunes within a few months of its original air date. I found the delay tolerable and simply purchased each season through iTunes only needing to obtain the final episode via "other means". Looking forward to seeing what their new show will be like.

The other 3 shows are:
-Game of Thrones, watched each season at my brother's house and then purchased each season on Blu-ray for repeated viewings. For the most recent season I subscribed to HBO Now for the duration of the season then canceled since there was nothing else on HBO that I wanted to watch. Plan is to re-subscribe for each season.

-QI, obtained through "other means" until BBC pulls their heads out of their ass and offers a direct digital option for the US.

-Dark Matter, same sentiment towards SyFy as BBC, will be purchasing the series on Blu-ray for repeated viewings but watching through "other means" until SyFy offers a direct digital option.

Comment MakeMKV = Make me happy! (Score 1) 236

File server in the dining room with 8x WD Red drives divided into 2 LVM volumes providing 28TB of storage. All movies and TV shows backed up using MakeMKV, music backed up using dBpoweramp. The server is hardwired to a router and each room has a switch also hardwired to the router.

In the living room is a HTPC running Windows 10 connected to a Sony receiver for surround sound which is connected to a Panasonic plasma TV. VLC is used for all media consumption, music and videos, and a MCE remote is used for controlling playback.

In the bedroom is a gaming system running Windows 10 connected to a 27" monitor. All media consumption using VLC as well. Games from Steam and GoG. There is also a 32" LED TV in the bedroom with and HDMI switch that an Xbox360 and PS4 are connected to for console games. An AppleTV is also hooked up to it and mostly used for the PBS and Crackle apps, as well as viewing previously purchased iTunes content (prior to having switch to backing up my own media).

The most recent upgrade to all of this was the addition of a PCIe Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy sound card to the HTPC to get 92/24 audio support for music purchased from Pono, and to provide an amp for headphone use over a long audio cable run.

All of the consoles and STBs used to be in the living room hooked up to the receiver but I found I spent more time on my main gaming system consuming content through websites like Twitch, Youtube, Vessel, and GiantBomb. So, I moved all those devices into the bedroom so I could multitask between media consumption and games.

I'm a single adult male living alone in an apartment. :) :| :(

Comment Same thing with games (Score 1) 184

Movie reviews/ratings should be treated the same way as videogame reviews/ratings, with a grain of salt. You only need to skim the limited amount of specific details present in the reviews to form your own opinion while completely ignoring whatever score the reviewer gave. Too many reviews, positive or negative, are tilted by the author's personal history with the medium or genre and will never match your own.

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