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+ - Visualizing Microsoft's security patches->

Submitted by possible
possible writes: A new blog post by a security researcher at Rapid7 has a cool visualization of Microsoft's security patches over the years, showing a graph of which patches are superseded by which other patches. The graph for Internet Explorer patches is pretty hairy, which is not surprising given its security history.
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+ - qemudo: GPL'd VMWare-like web interface for qemu

Submitted by possible
possible writes: The qemudo project has just released a stable alpha of qemudo, a GPL'd web interface to multiple QEMU client images. Using QEMU's built-in native VNC support, qemudo provides a slick web interface to multiple QEMU client images running on any number of local or remote QEMU host systems. This basically provides a functionality similar to that of VMWare's ESX Server, with the added benefits of easy clustering and copy-on-write master/slave images (thanks to QEMU's qcow format).

+ - Root exploit for NVIDIA closed-source Linux driver

Submitted by possible
possible writes: KernelTrap is reporting that the security research firm Rapid7 has published a working root exploit for a buffer overflow in NVIDIA's binary blob graphics driver for Linux. The NVIDIA drivers for FreeBSD and Solaris are also likely vulnerable. This will no doubt fuel the debate about whether binary blob drivers should be allowed in Linux.

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