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Comment: Not so hard to get around (Score 2) 128

by portwojc (#49089999) Attached to: Apple Patent Could Have "Broad Ramifications" For VR Headsets

If I understand patents correctly the supporting claims don't matter it's the parent claims. Break one part of the parent and the rest falls apart.

Part of claim 1 the only parent claim...

"a detection mechanism configured to alter the portable electronic device based on whether the removable portable electronic device is mounted on the frame"

That's easy... Mount the display in the headset. Push a on screen button launching VR mode. Device changes to VR mode. Take off the headset, touch the screen - since you won't be touching it while watching it, and device comes out of VR mode. It's not like you need to be that lazy to have it automatically start when put in.

If I'm right Samsung / Google I just saved you both some trouble. If I'm wrong then please tell me where so I'll learn something.

Comment: Reminded me of an old project (Score 1) 246

I got one of those calls the other day. Oh I was ecstatic ready to play the game. Then I realized I had dinner to make and the kids were hungry so I cut it short. I did get him to yell and hang up rudely - score. Then I remembered why didn't I finish that FreePBX project to block these telemarketers...

HEAD CRASH!! FILES LOST!! Details at 11.