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Comment Heard something like this before (Score 1) 539

It was really odd as I read this I was thinking to myself this sounds awfully a lot like the arguments that spammers gave me when they found out their account was turned off. Of course it's not fair to lump them into the same category as that because they place these ads on the sites and not just cram your own space full of stuff. I think this guy needs to take a step back though and really look at what some people are doing that may or may not be members and see it's a reason for the ad blocking. The over abundance/overkill of advertising on a web site. The advertisements that cause malware infections. The tracking that goes on. I believe Ad blocking would be less used if advertising were more responsible - even just by solving the malware issue alone.

Comment This time I care (Score 1, Funny) 268

For me I have only watched the trailers and the one trailer that was put together. I try my hardest to avoid all other information about the movie and can so I have done so very well. I especially ignore everything right now even "spoiler free" reviews. I want to try and relive the experience I had as a kid. You knew next to nothing going in and came out with an imagination running wild. I have emptied my cup and I await till tomorrow to fill it.

Banning is a bit heavy handed. They should have just created a Yoda translator plugin for their website and forced those users to have it for a week.

Comment The final sentence (Score 1) 956

"He’s vowed never to take an invention to school again."

This is the true shame in all of it. First thing when he gets back to school he should do is start an engineering club. I'm sure after the settlement he'll be able to give a nice donation to the club to keep it going for a long time and really stick it to them.

Comment Not so hard to get around (Score 2) 128

If I understand patents correctly the supporting claims don't matter it's the parent claims. Break one part of the parent and the rest falls apart.

Part of claim 1 the only parent claim...

"a detection mechanism configured to alter the portable electronic device based on whether the removable portable electronic device is mounted on the frame"

That's easy... Mount the display in the headset. Push a on screen button launching VR mode. Device changes to VR mode. Take off the headset, touch the screen - since you won't be touching it while watching it, and device comes out of VR mode. It's not like you need to be that lazy to have it automatically start when put in.

If I'm right Samsung / Google I just saved you both some trouble. If I'm wrong then please tell me where so I'll learn something.

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