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Submission Canonical releases Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin->

MrSeb writes: "No one can accuse Canonical of sitting around during the first quarter of 2012. With no less than six different release announcements since January, it seems that everything that Mark Shuttleworth’s company has been working on for the past few years is crystallizing all at once. With the release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS today, Canonical is looking to end the quarter on a high note by providing a stable release that is aimed directly at enterprise deployments. Precise Pangolin doesn’t offer any new functionality that fans of the Ubuntu platform haven’t already seen — but it will be the first time that enterprise users get to use the controversial Unity UI..."
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Comment Allows mulitple monitors with rotation (Score 5, Interesting) 231

One thing which you cannot do with the official NVIDIA driver for GNU/Linux is have mixed rotation monitors. (I would like to be proven wrong - have even tried to prove myself wrong, but given up).

I currently have one monitor in portrait and one monitor in landscape and one monitor in landscape, with the ability to drag windows from one to the other. I have some acceleration, which allows me to see through terminal windows.

Nouveau works, official one does not work. Simple choice.

Comment Wait till Apple gets a hold of this (Score 1) 284

Apple has made it increasingly hard to charge one of their devices without an Apple charger (see Once they get a hold of this it will mean that all iDevices will only chage with authenticated Apple chargers.

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