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Comment: Re:Wrong order (Score 2, Insightful) 369

by port23user (#33899956) Attached to: Convincing Your Employer To Go With FOSS?

This is right on the mark. As an employee, you're ethically obligated to help the company make the best decision for the company. It's not your place to decide to promote open source for the sake of open source.

This doesn't mean that open source is bad. You (and your manager) should objectively identify the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

Comment: Microsoft said that Linux users are on their own (Score 1) 759

by port23user (#29428425) Attached to: Microsoft Says No TCP/IP Patches For XP

There was an article on slashdot a couple weeks ago about training that Microsoft released ( ). If you look at the actual training, there's a slide that says "There's no guarantee that when security vulnerabilities are discovered, an update will be created. Users are on their own." Looks to me like Windows users are on their own.

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