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by pooh666 (#47249685) Attached to: Starbucks Offers Workers 2 Years of Free College
Are you sure you didn't post that as anon so you could make your point? Can you prove you didn't? What was that point again? I think it is the GOP who likes to call anyone who as a different opinion, a "Bigot" On the thoughtful post from bobbied, the U.S. does seem to do this a lot. I think the U.S. almost has an overkill factor in terms of "security" as a result. What is it something like 60 countries we have some form of military assistance agreement with? I don't think you have to be a so called conservative to look at the money being spent and wondering a little at what else that could have purchased. There is no question though, Military power is followed by economic opportunity, so that calculation is going to be a pretty complex one, not just dollars for missile system A in exchange for infrastructure program B.

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I don't get what "state run" is suppose to mean, but excessively homogeneous oh hell yeah. It is much less clear who the people are influencing that homogeneity. Some of it is pure profit motive, that is clear enough, but the rest, like why is climate change always a "debate"? That is the scary stuff.

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I get this, a little bit, although I didn't get to have the same experence. About 10 years ago I was shopping for servers and started talking to some people at Sun. One thing that amazed me is that they were all so happy. The other is just that I increasingly got the feeling that I didn't really know shit about servers because of my only having experence with PC/Intel type hardware. I know the mainframe type people say the same types of things, hot swap everything, machines that could run for years and were expected to do so, it wasn't a wow, it was a duh to do that... The whole env just made me feel like yeah, this kind of pride and high goals is what makes me feel good about doing any job. It is so missing today in most any place I have worked. What seems to be the sad fact, you can admire the pretty fish and feel good about what it ads to the world or eat it and you have a meal, you can do a supiour job and really be proud of your work and save some money too, but that still looks crappy next to ANY short term gain and most people you can work for will eat the fish and yours too.

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It isn't just the heavyweight issue, it was the lack of experence we had with it combined with in ablity to really interegrate with the DOM and Javascript. Had Java applets focused on working with the browser instead of as their own little world a bit more, Flash wouldn't have needed to exist. Flash still is a pain next to HTML5 though, so everyone needs to evole or die, nothing new in that. My one experence with applets was to use them as a PC/Mac counter part to a VB3 specialized calculator app(Clay Bricks). It worked, but the dev time was insane next to what it would take to do the same thing in just plain JS.

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