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by pooh666 (#47818561) Attached to: Akamai Warns: Linux Systems Infiltrated and Controlled In a DDoS Botnet
This comparison is pointless and simply minded or just a troll. Security is about layers, so who really cares, one layer or another always needs attention, sanity, and in particluar maintenance. The parent had good points, but still, again, who really cares about out of the box? No one who should have a job setting up servers. Out of the box my bricked Nintendo is very secure. Or should we say OpenBSD for all cases? No of course not.

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by pooh666 (#47518691) Attached to: 'Just Let Me Code!'
It is too bad you anon cowarded this, but I will reply anyway. Your lib sounds fantastic, I wish it had Windows support. I have been mainly looking for a replacement for mod_perl/mod_proxy combination. Re node, I notice they have a lib just to deal with the single thread issue of one fatal error taking down the whole server, and the caution on CPU intensive opperations seems to mean you have to create some extra complexity in offloading that, because to me, even parsing a big block of json could be considered in that realm.. So the end results is that node is for passing small messages around really fast and not doing much with them, but we have enough chat severs already...

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I don't really follow what this guy is talking about in general. But one thing I have noticed is that documentation quality on new tools/APIs has steadily gone downhill. For example, I am really excited about node.js, but on the page proper, their docs just dump some bits of info on standard functions. That ends up making learning something new, really fast, more difficult than it used to be because you have to go to 3rd party sources, they may be full of crap, way out of date or both. It is one thing to have to put in your time to get comfortable with something new, but it is another to have to act like you are hacking a black box to learn it.

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by pooh666 (#47444467) Attached to: Geographic Segregation By Education
What I want to know, why are people modding up such an opinionated piece of drivel from an anon coward? This so called debate is old and sad. People choose to learn what they think is important. Most employers seem to think getting the work done FAST and not blowing things up is important. I have worked for employers for 20 years now and taught myself what I needed to know. I also went to school and took calc, chem, physics, have read constantly for my whole life, whatever, it didn't have a damn thing to do with what I work on now or my approach to learning. That started from when I was young, not college. So this talk of making a big distinction between those who go to college/university and those who do not, is "uneducated" and a false start to any conversation.

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