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Comment Re:Brussels to Sydney (Score 1) 221

Because they want to go to the Opera?

Let's see.... If you wanted to go to the Sydney Opera (assuming an 8pm show) you would have to leave your house in Brussels at .... 5am. (two hours to get to the airport, three hour flight time, two hours to get to the opera house plus the 8 hour time difference.) This is of course assuming there is a flight that happens to correspond with the Sydney Opera House's schedule which is reasonably likely if for no other reason it doesn't make sense to be arriving in the middle of the night if it can be helped...

As I recall, <strike>Lady Galadrial</strike> I mean Cate Blanchet is directing nowadays.

Comment Re: on the upside... (Score 5, Funny) 149

They have already been harvesting birds in Florida that have a diet of mostly plastic since the 1970s. After the birds have digested enough it causes them to freeze and become immobile. The companies that harvest the birds will then turn around and sell them to various hardware, lawncare, and similar stores as pink flamingo lawn ornaments.

Comment Re:Thick? (Score 1) 60

It's no wonder they are thin skinned. Being couped up in a small tin can, no where to go, the same view day after day, listening to your roommate tell the same story AGAIN and AGAIN, with someone you don't even know calling you every few hours telling you "Do this! Do That!" and knowing you're not going to have any chance for escape for months. You'd be thin skinned too!

Comment Re:Those evil enemy oppressors (Score 4, Interesting) 818

This is actually a good point. There were actually quite a few supporters of the South in the North during the Civil War. Why? Not because they supported slavery, they did NOT. It was because you can't have a "Union" unless there was the right to succeed. Many of the supporters in the North supported the South because if the government became too oppressive, they too wanted the right to succeed.

While to many, the Confederate Flag represents states rights, Southern heritage, the right to rebel (against whatever), the fact of the matter is that the Confederate Flag now represents racism to the vast majority of people. The supporters of the CF are fighting a losing battle. This is just like the swastika that was originally a Jewish and Middle Eastern symbol and was used throughout early Judaism in a lot of artwork and on stone ostuaries (stone "coffins" just for the bones). Today, it represents Nazis no matter how much the swastika supporters might want it to be a religious symbol.

At the same time, Amazon, Google, etc. apparently are ok with selling Nazi flags and other memorabilia as well as T-Shirts with the face of the Butcher of La Cabania (Che Guevara), Pol Pot, Mau Tse Tung, Stalin (who killed more than Hitler ever did), etc. If they are going to remove something like the Confederate Flag, they should be even handed among all the people who have murdered millions and persecuted even more.

Comment Say Good By to the Rainforests .... (Score 5, Informative) 851

I own a chocolate company. We make high quality chocolate from cocoa beans that we import directly from the farmers. When I fly over Central and South America, I almost tear up when I see the total devastation caused by Palm Oil. From 30,000 feet, there are times that as far as you can see it is mostly palm oil plantations -- especially over the Yucatan Peninsula. The thing to keep in mind is that unlike many crops, palm oil plantations allow for very little undergrowth and general bio diversity mixed in. (Cocoa often will have other crops mixed in as well as larger "mother trees" of various species shading the cocoa. There is also typically quite a bit of wildlife living in and around the cocoa plantations.) Yes, I've walked in and around palm oil plantations. They are strangely beautiful in the same sense that the European forests with trees all in rows are beautiful. Even so, palm oil plantations wreck total devastation on the local fauna and as much as banning trans fats may help our general health, banning trans fats will certainly destroy the rain forests in and around the equatorial belt.

Comment I'm loving the future thing !!! (Score 2) 415

I really love how we'll be able to turn the dial and see the future. This will be especially powerful when combined with the News app. See what next week's stock market will look like or who will win the next election. Of course, if we know the future it will potentially change the future. This means that the "futures" markets will change depending on the present which depends on the future depending on the present depending on the future which .... Oh, never mind.

Comment You always wondered what dinosaurs taste like ... (Score 2) 90

Now you know once and for all, dinosaurs taste like .... Chicken!

What would be really interesting is to know how the family tree shakes out and what our domestic chicken used to be. It could have been a T-Rex, Triceratops, or a raptor. Of course, it could have been something else all together. Either way, it would be fun to think about each time you visit KFC.

Comment Re:Huge Cash Pile (Score 3, Insightful) 144

(3) They probably didn't have as much cash as "everyone knows they have", for the simple reason that the best way to convince someone to give you the mountain of cash you need is to make them thing you've as good as got it from someone else.

As a small business owner, this is so true .... The best way to raise money for your business is to convince people you don't actually need money. Go figure ....

Comment Re:Some doubts (Score 3, Informative) 108

Actually, a good friend of mine Dave Nielson (professor BYU) did his PhD at the University of Texas on this very subject -- sort of. (His PhD was on what happens when two black holes collide.) So I asked him what happens when they collide and he said that they deform. The orbiting black hole and the central black hole both deform in the way you would expect. After they collide, they merge and the whole thing wobbles. (Think water or oil drops in zero G.) I left unimpressed -- not because he didn't do great work but, black holes deform under gravity and exhibit all the properties you would expect with regular fluids when they are attracted to each other or collide..

Comment Re:GPL and copyright (Score 1) 189

This isn't quite true. Copyrighted works copyrights only expire if it isn't a "work in progress". In other words, if the publishers re-edited Steamboat Willie and other works, they would not expire -- ever. The same goes for code. Sure, if nobody edits or adds to the code for a whole bunch of years, it probably should fall into the public domain. Of course, the onus of responsibility is for the publisher to keep updating it and making substantive changes.

This is why I'm not sold on the idea that copyright terms need to be extended past the original amount of 27 years. If the publishers think these works are valuable, then they can put a bit of effort into them once in awhile.

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