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Comment Re: Unbelievable (Score 2, Informative) 574

I'm no fan of Donald Trump but, the discussion where this took place was part of a larger discussion regarding immigration. The reporter asked if he would be interested in some sort of registry. Trump went off on what he wants to do to stem illegal immigration (including building a wall). The reporter said something akin to "you want to do this?" To which Trump said "yes". The reporter didn't ask for clarification as to whether he was talking about a registry or not. (If I were the reporter, I certainly would have asked for more details if I thought he was talking about a registry. "How will you implement a registry?" "Do you think the American People would go along with this?" "Do you think the courts will allow it?" "What about the First Amendment?" Etc etc etc. after all, if he really meant that, it would be a huge story for the reporter and a great scoop. Being the reporter didn't follow up, I can only believe that they both thought Trump was agreeing that he would implement his wall idea and that this is no more than political "gotcha!"

Comment Let me think about it for a second .... (Score 2) 291

While I'm sympathetic for all the folks who want to drop the leap second, given an appropriate amount of time the difference will add up. It seems to me the problem is quite simple which is to publicize the leap second a bit more than it is now. It is an education issue -- at least no more or less than leap days and that seems to work just fine all in all.

Perhaps Facebook can create a viral leap second post. Much better than viral kitty posts.

Comment Planets vs Temperature ... (Score 3, Interesting) 140

This makes me wonder how many planets (as a percentage or otherwise) were around when the background temperature of the universe was in the 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit range where water would be most amenable to life. You could make an argument that period of time would contain the best conditions for life. However, if there aren't many planets (let alone with an appropriate size, temperature, and atmosphere), it makes life kinda hard.

Comment Re:Polite request (Score 1) 712

Well, in the end, the ruling is the ruling and thus the law of the land. Even so, are you saying that you would have preferred for the Supreme Court to have ruled that the police are liable when they don't stop a crime in progress? So for example, if a bank is robbed and the police are called and they get there after the perpetrator has left, are the police liable for the losses of the bank? If someone was hurt in the commission of the bank robbery, are the police liable for the medical bills, pain and suffering of the wounded? If the police (and thus the cities for which they work) were held liable, we'd need a police force at least 10 times larger than today's and even then they would not always be in a position to stop all crime so the lawsuits against the police departments would keep rolling in.

Comment Re:Polite request (Score 1) 712

The Supreme Court has ruled that the police have no responsibility to protect you. This came about when (as I recall) a lady was in a position where someone was shooting at her. She called the police. The police came and then sat around waiting for it all to end. She sued. The Supreme Court ruled that the police only have responsibility to society as a whole. So in other words, if you are in a shoot out or someone is breaking into your house, the police can go write parking tickets instead of assisting you as that too serves the public's safety.

The Supreme Court actually got this ruling right. Otherwise, the police would be responsible for each and every murder (or other crime) that occurred since they obviously weren't there to stop it.

In the case of my brother, his wife was home alone in Freemont CA. Someone tried to break into their house and she called the police/911. The person tried for over 45 minutes to get into their house (without success) and the whole time, his wife was on the phone with 911. All 911 would say is hide in a closet. After an hour, the police showed up -- after the person had left. My brother threatened to go to the media and amazingly, the police had enough time to do drive bys past their house each and every hour for a week.

As the old adage goes: "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away."

Comment Did they realize they were in a National Park? (Score 3, Interesting) 58

I bet that most of the people flying their drones in and around Washington monuments didn't even realize they were in a National Park. When people think of National Parks, they think of Yellow Stone, Yosemite, etc. out in the middle of the wilderness -- not in the middle of the city. Then there is probably an even smaller percentage that know that flying drones inside National Parks is illegal.

Of course, flying your drone around the White House is plain stupid. With all the security the President gets you know that flying drones around the White House is simply asking for trouble -- no matter the legality.

Comment Re:Brussels to Sydney (Score 1) 221

Because they want to go to the Opera?

Let's see.... If you wanted to go to the Sydney Opera (assuming an 8pm show) you would have to leave your house in Brussels at .... 5am. (two hours to get to the airport, three hour flight time, two hours to get to the opera house plus the 8 hour time difference.) This is of course assuming there is a flight that happens to correspond with the Sydney Opera House's schedule which is reasonably likely if for no other reason it doesn't make sense to be arriving in the middle of the night if it can be helped...

As I recall, <strike>Lady Galadrial</strike> I mean Cate Blanchet is directing nowadays.

Comment Re: on the upside... (Score 5, Funny) 149

They have already been harvesting birds in Florida that have a diet of mostly plastic since the 1970s. After the birds have digested enough it causes them to freeze and become immobile. The companies that harvest the birds will then turn around and sell them to various hardware, lawncare, and similar stores as pink flamingo lawn ornaments.

Comment Re:Thick? (Score 1) 60

It's no wonder they are thin skinned. Being couped up in a small tin can, no where to go, the same view day after day, listening to your roommate tell the same story AGAIN and AGAIN, with someone you don't even know calling you every few hours telling you "Do this! Do That!" and knowing you're not going to have any chance for escape for months. You'd be thin skinned too!

Comment Re:Those evil enemy oppressors (Score 4, Interesting) 818

This is actually a good point. There were actually quite a few supporters of the South in the North during the Civil War. Why? Not because they supported slavery, they did NOT. It was because you can't have a "Union" unless there was the right to succeed. Many of the supporters in the North supported the South because if the government became too oppressive, they too wanted the right to succeed.

While to many, the Confederate Flag represents states rights, Southern heritage, the right to rebel (against whatever), the fact of the matter is that the Confederate Flag now represents racism to the vast majority of people. The supporters of the CF are fighting a losing battle. This is just like the swastika that was originally a Jewish and Middle Eastern symbol and was used throughout early Judaism in a lot of artwork and on stone ostuaries (stone "coffins" just for the bones). Today, it represents Nazis no matter how much the swastika supporters might want it to be a religious symbol.

At the same time, Amazon, Google, etc. apparently are ok with selling Nazi flags and other memorabilia as well as T-Shirts with the face of the Butcher of La Cabania (Che Guevara), Pol Pot, Mau Tse Tung, Stalin (who killed more than Hitler ever did), etc. If they are going to remove something like the Confederate Flag, they should be even handed among all the people who have murdered millions and persecuted even more.

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