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Comment: Re:Some things are beyond the pale (Score 3) 993

by sl3xd (#48078841) Attached to: Lennart Poettering: Open Source Community "Quite a Sick Place To Be In"


Pottering comes off as an arrogant jerk, but the guy's trying to make Linux better.

Sure, many disagree with his vision, and he definitely could have been less of an ass in a number of documented situations... But he hasn't done anything to warrant the sort of things he's describing.

Some people carry on like he's demanding primae noctis.

Comment: Re:The Internet of Things, aka (Score 2) 50

by sl3xd (#48042085) Attached to: Factory IoT Saves Intel $9 Million

It's just a toilet seat that reports when somebody's on it. Everybody poops! There's nothing to worry about!

Until you realize that it's able to find usage patterns, and your insurance rates go up because they think you may be getting colon cancer.

Everything's connected, and I don't want every facet of my life being reported to some corporate overlord.

Comment: Re:Yet another out-of-control govt agency (Score 1) 299

by sl3xd (#48003871) Attached to: Forest Service Wants To Require Permits For Photography

Dogs have been eugenically engineered by humans for tens of thousands of years, and are therefore an artificial life form. They usually eat food that comes from a factory, and is artificial. Since you have an artificial life form eating artificial food, it's excreting artificial poop. Its urine is water that has been polluted by artificial processes. Hence the impact study.

By some definitions, anything created by a human is artificial, so all of our bodily wastes are artificial.

Comment: Re:National Two-Factor ID (Score 1) 410

IMO our whole monetary system has evolved to promote convenience so much that we're losing basic security.

I just now cancelled a debit card because I'm tired of cleaning up after fraudulent transactions. The world is full of criminal organizations working full time to defraud anybody and everybody. I just can't see it as sustainable.

Comment: Re:Cue "All we are is dust in the wind" (Score 1) 133

by Black Parrot (#47972683) Attached to: "Big Bang Signal" Could All Be Dust

So, whether something is supernatural depends on your frame of reference? In our universe it's supernatural, but in its universe it's just that dork that's wasting its life creating universes in its mother's basement?

And if we manage to create a sentient artificial intelligence in a virtual environment, to it we'll be supernatural and that other hypothetical being will be supersupernatural?

Today's scientific question is: What in the world is electricity? And where does it go after it leaves the toaster? -- Dave Barry, "What is Electricity?"