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Comment Re:Ever read Dale Carnegie? (Score 1) 379

Too bad we can't claim (that I know of) our posts accidentally submitted without first authenticating. If I wrote such a feature, I might compare requestor's IP and browser headers against the submission in question, then only change Anonymous Coward to Absent Minded Professor. ;) Speaking of things I would do, when it comes to Bob, you could always forget changing his mind and then hire me to have that fun... eheh

Comment Re:Hiring ain't easy (Score 1) 494

I think your signature says just as much as your comment. :D One-eyed Kings, in the Land of the Blind, are only slightly comfortable within their realm; when many lay in wait, to sever the King's head, and take their crown. In my experience, management can often be blind to the fact that IT geeks, although we love the work, we aren't slaves, robots, or indentured servants. In such cases, it's more like working for failure, than being one. I think AC did themselves a favor, in keeping their sights high. I've made the mistake of setting mine low. Admittedly, I pay for it; even to this day. I guess, at the very least, the resulting stress does a good job of making one feel alive, in the struggle to survive.

Comment Hiring ain't easy (Score 1) 494

I think older people asking for higher pay than their younger counterparts, based on their experience, isn't necessarily simple math. I'd much rather have positions filled, relative to experience, based on the business need. Unless you're hiring a savant, a college graduate with no prior experience, is likely to need more time or training, depending on the task. Some graduates aren't even cut out for the task, and you won't know, until you try them. On the other hand, someone asking for a higher salary, with a nice CV/Resume and Letters of Recommendation--seems less likely to need as much hand holding. Unfortunately, in the real world, nothing is certain. Any way you go about it, hiring is a gamble. If you can't afford the risk, the lesser of the two evils, the lower income bracket, oftentimes does make more sense, at least to me.

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