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Comment: Re:what cost (Score 1) 363

by plibnik (#45447245) Attached to: Arizona Approves Grid-Connection Fees For Solar Rooftops
You know. I'm considering adding a substantial solar power to my suburban house. I live in Ukraine. There we just don't have an option to sell power to utility at all. So I will have to make second power network (low-power things like LED lighting) in the house, and maybe - just maybe - a quick switch device that would monitor power consumption of "usual" consumers and power it from solar if both consumption is low and sun is bright. I would be glad to have an option to use utility power as "endless battery" for $5/mo, after all, an hour or two of sunlight would repay this fee, and then I would have net profit (without any power consumption in my house). And I surely won't get, for example, as much lead acid battery capacity and max. current for $5/mo as I can with connection to an endlessly powerful utility network which is also nice enough to buy out my extra power (If batteries were at full charge, subsequent solar energy would be wasted)... I'd call this $4.95 "administrative fee for clearing energy balance" and go happily with it...

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