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Submitted by plerner
plerner (2459036) writes "A new poll: "Does your dream job involve technology?

- Yes, programming/administering from the beach.
- No, serving beverages to turists in the beach.
- What's a job?"

Comment: I don't understand... (Score 1) 169

by plerner (#43820981) Attached to: Google Unable To Keep Paying App Developers In Argentina
... why Google cannot pay to someone? The restrictions are for the Argentinian (yes, like me) that want to buy foreign currency. The company can send the money to the persons bank account, and the developer will get the money in local currency. Besides, in the link above, in spanish, Google does not say it's reasons. For the moment, with these information at hand, I really don't think these restrictions are the reason. Maybe when Google explain them selfs.

Comment: Re:A dumb public is an easily manipulated public (Score 0) 405

by plerner (#43664465) Attached to: The public sector in direst need of reform is ...
I agree. It is not just a matter of education, but of which kind. Lots of educated people around me, 'university' people, do not have the impulse to do a simple web search to see if they are actually right about something, before making decisions. And that is not just a matter of reforming education, but choosing the politician that will make it happen.

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