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Comment: Re:Pity Pentiums can't be socket compatible (Score 1) 169

by pleappleappleap (#35302564) Attached to: Intel Unveils Next Gen Itanium Processor

AMD's processors still possess an upgrade path. I have no idea what you're talking about.


I personally went from Windsor->Agena->Deneb without switching motherboard. Some time later, I upgraded my motherboard and kept my Deneb. I'm now thinking of upgrading my Deneb to a Thuban.

Comment: USA (Score 2, Informative) 91

by pleappleappleap (#33421492) Attached to: CTRC Orders Big ISPs To Provide Matching Speeds For Resellers

If only they would do that here. There's a local ISP here called Cloud 9 Internet which has EXCELLENT service. I'd much rather use them. However I'm forced to deal with Verizon (who don't even know how to route a CIDR block to me) to get my 35Mbps symmetric connection. It' infuriating.

Comment: Re:Short-term volunteering (Score 1) 366

by pleappleappleap (#30837618) Attached to: How Do You Volunteer Professional Services?

I agree that the most important thing right now is mostly physical labor, but I imagine there's some kind of transitional phase where having people with counseling and networking backgrounds WOULD come in handy.

But those professionals will be needed for much longer than a week. Going there for a week means getting into the swing of things and then leaving. The startup and ending of a worker's involvement with a project are the times when they work at their least efficient.

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