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Comment Treaties shoudl not be negotiated in secret. (Score 1) 270

Treaties shoudl not be negotiated in secret. EVER. If the public doesn't have the right to know what it's the treaty, then the stuff in the treaty is obviously against the public's best interest. And Congress only has 90 days to debate or it automatically ratifies? I hope to God Rand Paul filibusters this.

Comment Convenient (Score 5, Interesting) 676

Now if there was suspected classified information on anyone else's mail server, would the government wait for proof or seize the server, look through it, and then say "My bad!" and give it back to you.

This was all done to make sure she had time to clean that server up and make it presentable, so no Clintons end in jail.

Comment Microsoft Cardfile (Score 1) 620

One of our Lines of Business still uses Microsoft Cardfile, from Windows 3.1. I THINK we have weaned them off it finally when we went to Windows 7. I know went spent a significant amount of time trying to find a 32 bit app that would open a Cardfile file, but we couldn't get them to pay for the app.

Comment Not this BS again... (Score 1) 574

Seriously? This crap from him again? It's bad enough he's selling the Pono Player snake oil. I've been ABXing my music for the last year, and I can't hear a damn difference between a well encoded m4a/ogg and a standard FLAC, let alone a "hi-res" FLAC.

Spotify is streaming a 320K ogg file. I believe Apple is streaming a 256K AAC. Streaming music quality is very good these days. Maybe he should actually look at the preferences for his app and make sure high quality is on.

Comment Re:"more media hype than science" - LOL (Score 3, Informative) 195

I would just like climatologists to admit that most of their prior models have had their faults and this one may as well. It's currently the best theory, but that doesn't give us the right to jump down everyone's throat that has a differing opinion.

Thinking like that is what got us into the obesity crisis in this country. Problem is, unlike the obesity crisis, we don't have 40 years to learn we were wrong.

Comment Re:Nothing to see here, move along... (Score 3, Insightful) 195

This is where I have an issue. ANY piece of science than, in any way, might somehow make someone question the global warming dogma is immediately attacked and discredited. As a former scientist, this is really scary.

Every scientific point of view deserves scrutiny. To immediately try to discredit people of differing opinions to stop the global warming money train is really scary.

Same thing happened back in the 90s, when the theory of dinosaurs evolving into birds surfaced. For a few years there, any opposing theory was mocked and laughed at.

Comment It's a shame (Score 0, Offtopic) 183

The "Drug War" is a sham. All it does is perpetuates violence and abuse. What Ulbrecht should have done is use his profits to hire lawyers and lobbyists to get the laws in this country changed to decriminalize the exact business he was in. Of course it would have been a huge uphill battle. The CIA and the Mob don't like competition. And the private prison system doesn't like the idea of empty cells. And considering the severity of the sentencing, I'm pretty sure the judge made up her mind long before the verdict was issued, and decided to use this man as an example to make sure no one else gets the idea of repeating his brief success.

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