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Comment Re:Boo hoo (Score 1) 302

You know, it's not the ads I object to so much as the time slots. I'm sick and tired of only getting half a show because some sporting event or political speech ran over and my TiVo only recorded the first half of the show. When I try and buffer by recording the next show, I can't, because I'm already recording 2 things. Just show me a menu, let me pick a show and let me stream it to my house when I want to see it. You can keep commercials in if you want, But time slots still equal revenue. The show that's #1 in it's time slot will cost more to advertise on than the other shows, even thought it may be #25 in the ratings.

Comment Re:No private company should stick their neck out (Score 1) 78

The NSA is actually going against their mission statement. Their job is to collect data from outside the country and make sure the networks inside this country are secure. With them inserting backdoors into routers, and having supposedly broken SSL/TLS and not revealing to anyone what the security holes are, or how they're able to decrypt traffic, they moved way past their directive and are going to destroy silicone valley at some point.

Comment Idiot (Score 1) 345

She does know that those terrorists in France were communicating over plain old, in the clear, text messages, and still no one bothered to stop them.

This is a clear indication that none of this is being done to stop terrorism and aid law enforcement. France supposedly has a broader surveillance reach than the NSA does. And they still somehow missed these yokels that were not even using encryption. The need to bypass encryption is simply a need to spy on Americans and ensure that they stay in power. DO you think bad guys are gonna say "Well, damn! The cops can read my iMessages. What am I going to do now?" No, there's going to go to the first black market guy that can sideload the encryption app without the government back door and keep chatting away. Bad guys don't care about laws. That's why they are bad guys.

Comment Not at my company (Score 1) 74

Open source software is completely forbidden.

Even existing open source products are being replaced. Apache and Tomcast servers are being replaced with Websphere servers. Mediawiki is being ripped out and replaced with Confluence. Virtualbox replaced by Vmware. MySQL by Oracle or MS SQL.

I even had to uninstall Notepad++ and replace it with a commercial text editor. If we use any perl or python, it needs to be ActiveState with a valid commercial license.

The only thing we still run that is open source is Linux. But we ONLY run Red Hat or SLES. Even our dev boxes are RedHat, and not CentOS.

Comment Sure Bitcoin is the root of all evel... (Score 1) 275

Too bad there's this thing called CASH, which is just as anonymous as Bitcoin. I feel for law enforcement's need, but I also have a right to go to the store and buy some gum and a soda and not have it tracked.

The way things are going these days, I'm waiting for the FBI and Interpol pre-crime divisions to be spun up any day now.

Comment I used to love Ubuntu... (Score 1) 191

I started using Ubuntu in the 5.x series. I loved it. I loved Gnome way more than KDE. The Gnome 3 came out. I thought that Unity was better than Gnome 3 and I happily continued to use Ubuntu. Then Gnome 3 became really good. I moved to Fedora, and started to flip flop back and forth every six months to compare the changes in Unity vs Gnome 3. I got to a point where I thought Gnome 3 had pretty much kicked Unity's ass and I saw no reason to go to Ubuntu.

Then I discovered Arch Linux. I don't think I could go back to a static distribution now. Getting the latest and greatest Gnome about 2 weeks after it comes out is awesome. And with 3.18 adding Google Drive support, I wanted 3.18 as fast as possible.

Comment Treaties shoudl not be negotiated in secret. (Score 1) 278

Treaties shoudl not be negotiated in secret. EVER. If the public doesn't have the right to know what it's the treaty, then the stuff in the treaty is obviously against the public's best interest. And Congress only has 90 days to debate or it automatically ratifies? I hope to God Rand Paul filibusters this.

Comment Convenient (Score 5, Interesting) 676

Now if there was suspected classified information on anyone else's mail server, would the government wait for proof or seize the server, look through it, and then say "My bad!" and give it back to you.

This was all done to make sure she had time to clean that server up and make it presentable, so no Clintons end in jail.

Comment Microsoft Cardfile (Score 1) 620

One of our Lines of Business still uses Microsoft Cardfile, from Windows 3.1. I THINK we have weaned them off it finally when we went to Windows 7. I know went spent a significant amount of time trying to find a 32 bit app that would open a Cardfile file, but we couldn't get them to pay for the app.

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