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Comment: It's a shame (Score 0, Offtopic) 183 183

The "Drug War" is a sham. All it does is perpetuates violence and abuse. What Ulbrecht should have done is use his profits to hire lawyers and lobbyists to get the laws in this country changed to decriminalize the exact business he was in. Of course it would have been a huge uphill battle. The CIA and the Mob don't like competition. And the private prison system doesn't like the idea of empty cells. And considering the severity of the sentencing, I'm pretty sure the judge made up her mind long before the verdict was issued, and decided to use this man as an example to make sure no one else gets the idea of repeating his brief success.

Comment: Re:Irony of this story... (Score 1) 260 260

My kids were the same way. Then I set up an Ampache server at home, and installed the Ampache client on their phones. Now they're all about buying again. They just wanted the convenience of having access to their whole library at once. Once I duplicated that, they went with it.

Also helped that my son borrow my headphones and learned that a lot of the music he was listening to on YouTube sounded like crap because of the low bitrate. Anything up there on an artist's official channel is good quality. But the stuff that the common man uploads has the crap compressed out of it.

Comment: The solution is.... (Score 2) 260 260

Don't subscribe! I doubt Apple will be able to secure an exclusive so tight that the album won't be available for purchase. Renting music has got to be the dumbest idea I have ever heard of, at least to me. I will continue to buy my music until I can't any more. I refuse to be locked into a monthly payment to enjoy music.

Comment: Re: Popularity (Score 1) 53 53

Have you used Gnome lately? It may have been an inferior experience back when 3.0 came out, but with 3.16 out door, it's a completely different beast. Gnome is my preferred DE now, and I've tried them all at this point. In 2015 alone I've used gnome, xfce, kde plasma 5, cinnamon and lxde. Once you use tweak tool to allow apps to minimize, you're golden.

Comment: Not surprising (Score 1) 170 170

Verizon should be honest and tell me people their torrents and Usenet connections will download much faster. Once you get above a certain point, nothing you really do online is going to be better, unless you're pulling down large files. So, I guess your Steam installs will be faster, and if you're downloading (not streaming) movies from iTunes and/or Amazon that will be faster. But I would think services like Amazon, Google Play and iTunes have perfected the art of starting a video after enough of the download has buffered, that download speeds really aren't an issue.

Comment: Re:Reason: for corporations, by corporations (Score 1) 489 489

I could have fiber to my door that runs to one of, say 5 network access points in my town. In the NAP, there are racks with switches and routers for dozens of ISPs. I pick one. They drive out and jack me in.

The last mile run of wire to your door is the most expensive to do and maintain.

Comment: Re:Reason: for corporations, by corporations (Score 1) 489 489

The biggest argument against Title II is that is raises the barrier to entry, thereby killing off competition. Competition has been shown to help keep prices down over and over again.

Any time you layer more regulation on something, the cost of business goes up. Just the nature of regulation. In this particular landscape we have Google coming along and trying to offer Internet. But they're big enough to absorb the costs of regulation. Under Title II, I don't know if a small startup could arise to shake up the market.

Though I fully understand what they were trying to do with Title II, I think there was a better way to go. I think that the actual cable to your house should be part of infrastructure, much like public roads. And you get to pick who drives on that road to give you service. I think that would have opened up the door to competition and lowered prices.

Look at the 90s and how many dial-up ISPs we had. They all rode on the phone lines of the Telcos, which were pretty damn close to open.

I want the fiber to my door to be owned by someone other than my ISP.

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