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Submission Happy Birthday Icinga!->

plaxion writes: Icinga, a popular enterprise monitoring solution that forked from Nagios back in 2009 just turned 3 Years Old the other day and they also just announced their 1.7 Beta. They've come a long way from a development point of view but it still looks like there's some bad vibes coming out of the Nagios camp as their birthday gift to the Icinga Team was to start what looks like a new campaign of removing attributions for patches Icinga sends over to them. So the question of whether Icinga would last seems to have been answered, but the question of whether civility will ever return is not boding well.
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Comment Re:No answer will be perfect (Score 1) 207

I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but you obviously have no experience with schools.

I work for several school districts and we have all of that except for the part of leaving it wide open and it's still a major problem. Also, it's hard enough to keep up with the numerous cases where they intentionally got around the filters, now you want every one of them to have unfettered access?

Basically what will happen is that every kid in the school will end up breaking the AUP too many times. What do you propose we do then, pull the plug on the router? Why not just do that first and save the enormous cost of your experiment with futility?

Listen, I'm no prude. Personally, my viewpoint is that Timmy can surf for pr0n all he wants, but he needs to learn to do it at home, just like when he grows up and goes into the workforce. Also, the rule for schools is "no pr0n" and the filters are just a way for us to automate saying "no, that's against the rules" without having to pay for an adult to be over every kids shoulder at all times telling them what they can and can't click on ahead of time. So there you go, we're teaching and not stifling after all.

Comment Re:Bye, bye. (Score 5, Informative) 881

Hope I'm not giving away the ending of the first part for anyone, but... the lake you mention is frozen by the beating of Satan's wings. Other parts of the inferno are plenty hot depending upon the punishment, as in the case of the sodomites wandering on the burning sand with flames falling on them like rain.

Oh, and since I'm on a roll, Snape kills Dumbledor ;)

Comment Re:How is this even a fucking question? (Score 1) 204

Google Voice is not VOIP, at least not on the front end like Skype is (which in contrast is still available in the App Store). When you use GV on AT&T, the calls still go over the cell towers as a normal not as a data stream like Skype would. So it still eats your minutes.

Comment Re: Not sure I understand the comparison... (Score 1) 541

Good point, but it fails to account for the fact that I can make international calls with several other apps that they did not pull, such as Skype. Granted they limit you to only being able to do that when you are on wifi, but still; free wifi is common enough to come by.

Also, while they may have pulled the plug on these GV apps, I can still make GV calls from my iPhone, it's just a little less less convenient and "pretty". In fact, come to think of it, Skype also has a call back function to make international calls that works just like GV does only to initiate the call you call a particular number and select an entry from a predefined list when prompted or enter the number you want to call manually.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 509

Have you considered going through one of the online sites that are supported by Stanza and/or other ebook readers that are already available on the iPhone/iTouch platform?

Personally I think the idea of having a seperate app on my springboard for each book is stupid and regardless of any level of interest on part for your book, if that's how you want to sell it, I won't buy it that way anyhow.

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