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Comment: Re:But will IE accept the new font files? (Score 1) 209

by plan10 (#32108420) Attached to: Font Foundries Opening Up To the Web

How is selling a derivative work that adds further restrictions to my rights a perfect embodiment of free software principles?

Or are you saying it is not a derivative work? Is the font original because of the way it is now encoded digitally? I guess ebooks are actually original works as well then, because of the way their content is encoded. Who new Amazon has so many great in house writers?

Comment: Re:Why does it all have to be either pro or anti? (Score 1) 595

by plan10 (#32108266) Attached to: Is Apple's Attack On Flash Really About Video?

You are incorrect, and are mixing patents and copyright

SCO was a copyright claim. Firstly they claimed that Linux was copied from Unix, then they claimed that they owned UNIX copyright.

MPEG-LA is not claiming any copyright over anyone. They are not claiming ownership of x264. However, they WILL claim that any open source implementation of h263 encoder or decoder infringes on their held patents.

One Linux company has already lost a patent case. Tom Tom lost to Microsoft because of FAT patents.

Comment: Re:This is a very difficult problem (Score 1) 342

by plan10 (#32107328) Attached to: Rest In Peas — the Death of Speech Recognition

Concepts != language

You do not use any language structures (syntactic, phonological,semantic) in your life that an average 5-7 yr child has not already acquired. This is established in pretty much all literature on language acquisition.

After all, there is a lot that biomedical scientists talk about that I don't understand at all. Still, my language faculty remains intact.

Comment: Re:Yay ignorance. (Score 1) 372

by plan10 (#32106500) Attached to: Pressure Mounts On ICANN To Approve<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.xxx Domain

Only the uneducated parent.

There are responsible porn sites that play nice with filters and have entry pages without explicit conent. Then there are other sites which are not so charitable. The sites that play nice will always play nice, and the sites that don't will still be sneaky.

Anyway, when was the last time you randomly stumbled upon some porn? You have more of a chance seeing boobs at a football game than through Googling for your class assignment.

Comment: Re:But will IE accept the new font files? (Score 2, Interesting) 209

by plan10 (#32105666) Attached to: Font Foundries Opening Up To the Web

What's a amazing is that so many of the fonts are basically just re-creations of typefaces that are certainly out of copyright.

The original "Calson" font mentioned in the article is at least 200 hundred years old, yet there are a number of Calson offering, like from Adobe, costing some $45 bucks.

Comment: Re:Just what I want. More external crap the user h (Score 1) 209

by plan10 (#32105594) Attached to: Font Foundries Opening Up To the Web

Sounds like the "open source software is just for hobbyist" argument.

If free fonts are crap, that just means that the "free-model" hasn't yet taken hold in font design, or that no one is really that interested in fonts.

There are plenty of free things of high quality that are ridiculously more complex than fonts. An operating system kernel for one.

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