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Comment Re:Again? (Score 1) 121

What's wrong with these automakers? Haven't they figured out by now that hydrogen is a total waste of time and effort?

That is actually not true. There are definite advantages with Hydrogen fuel cells..

a) The amount of weight that the cars need to lug around comes down a lot with fuel cells.

b) Recharging EVs at home will become an issue over time especially in apartment complexes because the apartment complex will need to draw huge amounts of power from the grid to make this happen and these chargers will have to be installed in every parking bay etc.

c) Refueling can be done pretty quickly. With EVs, even with fast chargers, it will still take about an hour to get enough charge to go for 100 miles. In the case of hydrogen fuel cells, the refuel process can be completed in minutes.

d) Because it takes a long time to recharge EVs - even the most cutting-edge fast chargers from the new Porsche EV will take about 15 minutes to recharge, a recharge station can service only very few EVs simultaneously - both because of the very high power draw required per vehicle + also the time it takes to recharge each vehicle. That is not a problem with Hydrogen fuel. Refueling stations can service many more vehicles at the same time (similar to the current Petrol/Diesel stations).

f) Recent advances such as the one in the University of Glasgow allows for hydrogen to be produced 30 times faster and its storage in inorganic liquid fuels - thus solving the two big problems with Hydrogen fuel cells - cost-effective, industrial generation of hydrogen and its safe storage.

Comment Re:Big deal (Score 2) 201

What you are proposing will actually make the situation worse. H1B visas are relatively hard to get compared to the B1 visa that Infosys was abusing.

A B1 visa is easier to obtain as it is intended for short visits for things like negotiating a business contract, a marketing/sales visit and so on. It does NOT allow for the person to receive a salary from the US entity or to engage in any production work such as software development.

However, since H1B is difficult to get and since many contracts can be executed without having developers in the US for 3 years (that is the case with H1B), many companies abuse the B1 visa.

Comment Re:They aren't taking the issue seriously (Score 1) 569

Why don't you guys at least do something more than posting on a news website? Why don't you start by boycotting products from the top 5 companies involved in cooperating with the NSA - Google, Apple, Microsoft, ...

Don't buy their products, or use their services.

Then start by boycotting the big banks and wall st firms like Goldman Sachs, BoA, JP Morgan etc.

If enough people do this instead of going after the new and shiny, it will empower the small players who will see the writing on the wall - and as for the treacherous big players - well, they may at least stop paying the kind of money they have been paying the politicians thus far.. and so the politicians may lose their interest just a tiny bit to protect these lobbies.

Comment Re:They need to open up to the American people (Score 1) 327

The biggest con ever pulled on human beings is that their vote once every few years is the great control that they wield over the government.

Your ONE vote among a few MILLION - even assuming that the politicians haven't already figured out a way of gaming even the voting process, you are still talking about just one vote.

And then once you have voted, you go back to your sorry, pathetic lives and the poltiicians have a wonderful time looting everyone dry all the way upto the next election. What happens to your contribution in keeping the government under check during the interim period - that is the period between the two elections?

Unless the populace is willing to do much more than merely vote during elections - unless the populace is willing to actually prevent the government from becoming corrupt, ruthless and inept by real action in the interim period between two successive elections, we will get nowhere.

Comment Re:Mother Theresa is an unfortunate choice (Score 1) 273

No, there was no controversy because a lot of what Hitchens said is absolute hogwash. They interviewed a few people who worked in the hospice, did they? Well, damn! that is amazing - then it must be true, right?

How many of the poor have they interviewed to determine the truth? How many of those people ever stated that their situation was made worse by coming under Mother Teresa's care? Many of those who decry Mother Teresa have no idea about the type of suffering the poor undergo on a regular basis in India.

You know why there is no outrcy? Because to the poor, Mother Teresa is almost a god. They have benefited hugely by what Mother Teresa did for them - they saw her sacrifice and have seen her love.

But for someone like Hitchens who made it is life ambition to target anyone religious and especially religious leaders, Mother Teresa was a prime target. He couldn't allow a avowed Christian to be seen like a saint - that wouldn't sit well with his proclaimed position and the agenda which he pushed hard with every book, every TV show, every press conference.

Comment Re:Mother Theresa is an unfortunate choice (Score 1) 273

None of you westerners who decry Mother Teresa know squat diddly about her work in India. None of you have a clue as to the type of suffering the poor undergo in India and the type of relief Mother Teresa brought into their lives. Hitchens and people like him who sit on a high horse and pronounce judgments on Mother Teresa have probably not done much to help the poor at all - yes, they may have given a few pounds to charity every once in a while but that is quite different from actually living with the poor and becoming one of them even as you serve them - this is precisely what Mother Teresa did.

I speak as someone who lives in india and who works among the poor.

Comment Re:Watch the total absence (Score 1) 1109

As much as I fully agree with your comment that it is unfair to believe that if there is a terrorist attack it must certainly have been caused by muslims, I would also like you to consider the fact that in muslim-dominated countries, practitioners of other religions very often live under serious threat of violence - or to put it another way, under terror imposed upon them by the muslim majority - and no, you can't blame the US, UK or any other country for that. In these nations, muslims are targetting people of their own nationality - other citizens, and forcing them to live in fear.

In many of these nations even just changing your religion is seen as a capital offence. Examples: Pakistan, Maldives, Most countries in the ME, parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. Try taking in a Bible into Saudi Arabia. Forget that - try just *getting* into Mecca as a non-muslim.

So their (muslim) oft-quoted justification that the west is terrorising them and therefore they are just responding does not hold when the people they are attacking have nothing whatsoever to do with the west.

Comment Re:Here it comes... (Score 1) 540

There is a lot of difference between most religions and Scientology.

1. No other religion copyrights the scriptures and actively discourages members from sharing the scriptures with others. CoS goes after websites or any other organisation who may publish things about Scientology especially the high level stuff.
2. The only church-sanctioned way of accessing the content of the "scriptures" is to pay for the different programmes.
3. No other reilgion actively infiltrates government with the explicit purpose of thwarting investigations.
4. Scientology and Islam are the two religions which go after any detractors using any and all sorts of tricks and violence. It is actually codified into their system of working. Read about "Fair Game".
5. There are multiple quotes by Ron Hubbard about how it makes sense to setup a religion to make money.

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