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Comment: Re:Ecch ... (Score 1) 71

by pkinetics (#47967753) Attached to: Google Partners With HTC For Latest Nexus Tablet
I think the only reason I have HTC Sync Manager on my computer is so that it installed the appropriate USB driver doohickey thingymajingys so that ADB and Fastboot would work correctly. Other than that, I only used it long enough to be confused as to what its purpose is. Software to solve problems that don't exist?

Comment: The more things change, the more they stay the sam (Score 3, Informative) 109

by pkinetics (#47941617) Attached to: Microsoft Lays Off 2,100, Axes Silicon Valley Research

Layoffs in the USA, and hiring increases elsewhere.

I remember a few years back reading how MS was proclaiming that they weren't increasing their H1B hirings. However, they were achieving the same results by doing it in Canada instead.

More recent layoffs

Comment: In the future (Score 4, Insightful) 130

I can totally see people getting ratted out by their Internet of Things devices.

Mother: Who ate the last piece of cake?

Fridge: Gary ate the last piece of cake.

Wife: Where was Gary last night?

Car: Gary was at the strip club with Larry and Moe.

Police Officer: How fast were you going?

Gary:I don't know.

Chevy: Gary was going 57 miles per hour. He was 7 miles over the limit.

Police Officer: Have you had anything to drink?

Gary: No officer.

Chevy: Gary was tailgating with Larry and Moe. The cooler says they have consumed 3 cases of beer.

Comment: Re:How about you risk your own money instead... (Score 1) 215

Hmm.... Assuming that your backing contributes to the big picture success, is like saying I bought a Hershey's chocolate bar, so I should be part of their financial success.

In the vast majority of kickstarter campaigns that reach their objectives, they do not have giant pay outs down the road. Would you expect to be part of their down the road success? What if it takes 5 more years? Do you still expect to be part of their payout?

I will never understand why some backers think their tiny financial contribution should somehow be worth more than the 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration that the originators put into it.

Hey Project A only asked for $10k and somehow ended up at $500k! We deserve some of that profit!

Never mind that now the developers need to change their entire ordering, tooling, assembly, quality assurance and shipping strategy.

People in this mindset expect ownership without any work or risk.

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by pkinetics (#47751975) Attached to: Facebook Cleans Up News Feed By Reducing Click-Bait Headlines

I feel the same way when any site makes me do some stupid 20 click throughs to read an entire article.

The multiple clicks pissing me off has reached the point of 1 now. If your presenting information, and you have to make me reload the damn page 10 times to update a little paragraph, you're doing it wrong.

Comment: Re:Problem is (Score 2) 419

by pkinetics (#47680077) Attached to: Swedish Dad Takes Gamer Kids To Warzone

And the medical industry would diagnose the kids as have PTSD and ADHD and medicate the hell out of them as soon as possible.

Yes, I'm rambling.

On a side note, whatever happened to pen pals? Has social media replaced that as well? Get instant notification that the family you visited got blown up...

Yes, I'm a bit of an a$$ today...

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by pkinetics (#47626495) Attached to: TEPCO: Nearly All Nuclear Fuel Melted At Fukushima No. 3 Reactor

I think that's the syndrome where all of USA imports contain lead or other toxic chemicals.

In other random thoughts, this would a great way for Japan to get rid of their waste.... just export it super cheat to USA in all their products. Maybe in that generations PlayStation and call it the PS-235.

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