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Comment Re:Guessing at a partial explanation (Score 2) 316

Live tiles are different across users, and across computers, so that wouldn't be it. But, Microsoft is placing ads for store apps in the taskbar, if you don't turn it off.

There's a way to turn it off? I'm a little surprised.

That's a bug. They will fix that shortly

Comment Re:Me being the one of 3 people using a Windows Ph (Score 1) 42

I miss my Nokia 6162. Dropped it in the middle of winter. Found it after spring thaw. Got a Motorola v60i that I only replaced cause they turned off the old cell network. They felt so bad for me, they gave me a new phone free (not the free carrier phone).

Comment Re:Versions (Score -1, Flamebait) 154

My pain in the arse theory, it will be a $5 subscription fee per month.

My biggest FUD will they require "always" on to work.

Some service, that you've never heard or use, suddenly BSOD because you are disconnected from the Internet (calling home) longer than a week.

I go nuts when the stupid operating system patch didn't get installed cause some other patch for a MS software package 3 months ago didn't get installed, and so now my operating system has been at risk for several months because one application update won't install unless I manually download the patch and install it separately outside of frigging Windows Update.

Comment Re:Progressive Fix 101 (Score 1) 622

I suspect a lot of people who bash large vehicles have little experience with them, you simply don't know what you're missing.

People who don't have the life scenarios seldom comprehend the other side of the coin. They just can't fathom scenarios outside their limited perspectives.

Heck, they can't fathom the possibility that some SUV owners might actually utilize their vehicle as it is designed for.

Variables don't; constants aren't.