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+ - As Microsoft Antitrust Ends, Chromebook Unveiled->

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CWmike writes "A U.S. court's antitrust oversight of Microsoft is ending after eight and a half years, but some observers question what the long fight accomplished. The DOJ, in a statement released Wednesday, hailed the antitrust case, which started in 1998, as good for the competitive landscape in the IT market. The antitrust judgment protected the development and distribution of middleware and allowed consumers to have choices, the DOJ said. 'The final judgment ... prevented Microsoft from continuing the type of exclusionary behavior that led to the original lawsuit,' the DOJ said. 'Microsoft no longer dominates the computer industry as it did when the complaint was filed in 1998.' The case may have impacted browsers only a little, but isn't it ironic that oversight of Microsoft expires on the very same week that Google unveiled its anti-OS Chromebook."
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+ - IT Distrust Of Outsourcing Is Shockingly High->

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jfruhlinger writes "With outsourcing having been a part of the IT landscape for so long, you'd think people would have had time to get comfortable with it, but apparently not. According to a recent survey, 68 percent of organizations that outsource don't see the promised cost savings, and 77 percent believe that the outsourcing agencies are inventing work to pad their bills."
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