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Comment: Wait, wait, wait..... (Score 1) 328

Who and how is this giving legitimacy to polygraph tests? We've known they're filled with errors and are at best unreliable. So who cares if someone is teaching people how to pass a fake test, or are we suddenly taking polygraph tests at face value now? Should I worry about attending the right church?

Comment: Re:Function List (Score 1) 181

by DivineKnight (#48343325) Attached to: There's No Such Thing As a General-Purpose Processor

Speaking of RISC, I have an OT question (but still technology related, so there's that): does anyone know where I can pick up a DEC Alpha CPU + MB (or machine) in about a month's time, with a CPU speed of >=500Mhz? I have this undying urge to tinker with one, but eBay's listing stuff for 266Mhz, or at a price that well exceeds my inner geek's wallet.

Comment: Re:Anarchy??? (Score 5, Interesting) 302

He's a police officer...he doesn't understand any kind of design other than an Authoritarian hierarchy. You can tell him how the internet works, and he won't believe you...or he'll look at the DNS servers, see the hierarchy there, and claim that it is hierarchical after all. He's spent his entire life fighting against 'Anarchy' (watchword), and he'll be damned if he'll let it exist once he's discovered a 'nest' of it.

He's off in his own little world, fighting a war against tilting windmills...

Comment: Re:lol (Score 5, Insightful) 302

Agreed. The man has zero understanding of how the internet works...he might as well have said "let's all meet together on Sunday with our flying rainbow pegasuses." And it's painfully the point where I am running out of facepalms for this year...I just can't handle the stupid. Obnoxious third-parties spitballing bad ideas at hundreds of miles per hour starts to add up...IT doesn't get paid to do their own job anymore, let alone put up with this political shit.

The next time some moron gets up to talk about 'fixing duh Interwebs,' I vote we trap 'em in a room with a router, with their release contingent upon successfully configuring it. I'll even be kind and leave the manual in there so they'll have something to read.

HELP!!!! I'm being held prisoner in /usr/games/lib!