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Comment: Re:There is no longer any bound (Score 1) 107

Ah, but there is; however, you won't like it. All this extra spying consumes resources, resources that would be better spent elsewhere...over time and as it increases, there is a noticeable drag effect on the economy. So you see, those shadowy creatures won't be kept in line by a shining white knight come to save us, but rather by the proverbial laws of thermo-economics.

Comment: Re:Script kiddies at work (Score 1) 62

by DivineKnight (#48713299) Attached to: Finnish KRP Questions Suspected Lizard Squad Member

Being that he's a script kiddy, the hole's he's exploiting have to be known to the world + dog for months, years, possibly decades...this is on the order of having a hole in your living room for weeks, and doing nothing about it, when a hurricane shows up and makes you miserable.

He's underage, a script kiddy, and is truly a threat only to those people who think that 'pa$$word1' is an innovative password.

Comment: Re:Script kiddies at work (Score 1) 62

by DivineKnight (#48713279) Attached to: Finnish KRP Questions Suspected Lizard Squad Member

Hmm, I don't know, grounding him for a month, and taking away his computer for a week or two would probably be as effective as a ten year sentence.

Remember, they're script kiddies, which, before /. and the internet went to the dogs, is one level up from being a newborn user. They're the equivalent of angsty teenagers, and should be dealt with as such; anyone arguing otherwise has had life too good.

Comment: Re:Speeding not always an issue (Score 0) 335

by DivineKnight (#48703287) Attached to: Out With the Red-Light Cameras, In With the Speeding Cameras

Good luck with that. Your Ford Focus is probably not as safe at 60 MPH as my BMW 328xi (or whatever), so the safe speed differs per car. Additionally, since I suffer from microseizures, and you don't, you may be able to travel more safely at higher speeds than I.

Feel me? Good. Some people are blessed with the right bodies and cars to drive safely at 120 MPH on 60 MPH limited roads; others doing 30 MPH is a challenge.

Comment: Re: Hacker Group? (Score 1) 78

Sounds like someone has never worked IT before (a summer job for many budding programmers during their high school years). Higher level IT wouldn't happen without knowledge of scripting languages (Python, PowerShell (I guess), Perl, etc.).

As for HR, they can assume I am the postman as long as they meet my hourly rate.

Ma Bell is a mean mother!