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Comment Famine (Good Omens) (Score 1) 133

He created nouvelle (which consisted of a string bean, a couple of peas and a paper-thin slice of chicken), D-Plan dieting and various foods that contained no actual nutrition whatsoever. He enjoys the paradox permitted by modern food technology: that people can eat "foodstuffs" which look, smell, and taste like food, yet contain precisely zero on any scale of nutritive value. Obesity entertains him: the concept that people can eat far too much and yet still die of food-related disorders

Comment Re:This old geek could never grasp Macbeth (Score 1) 144

There's a trick to it. First off, don't be in high school. Second, get a good copy of the play (you can find some online, me thinks). Third, get a summary guide of what's going on. Fourth, get a decent video recording of the play.

Let me rephrase that: get a video recording of a good version of the play. There will be a dozen different versions (up to and including modern 'interpretations'), and you need to fine one that strikes your fancy (I'd go with the one where you can make out what the actors are saying, and you don't doze off after five minutes).

Now, while you are watching the film, keep the laptop open, and mentally sync up with the summary. Here's one for Hamlet ( In a separate window, keep the actual text of the play open (again, here's Hamlet: Don't read the actual text while watching the film (you can, but it's more important to keep pace with the summary than the text). You can pause and rewind when trying to grasp some of the finer nuances of the actual text / plot as need be.

Fifth, go see the play in real life, and enjoy the inside jokes.


Comment Re:Logic need not apply (Score 1) 222

It's about getting the lies 'right.' Like throwing spaghetti against the wall to see when it's done.

Snowden created a mess, and the people in charge of covering things up haven't generated a proper 'story' that sits well with the people (the bad people are truly bad, the good people are truly good, etc.). Normally it takes two or three variations to strike the right chord, but with Snowden they've had to resort to random generation and painful iteration to find something that truly resonates.

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