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Comment: Why play minesweeper... (Score 1) 132

by pjf (#26365089) Attached to: Playing Tetris Is Good For You

...when your machine can play it for you?

In today's modern lifestyle, it's hard to find the time to do everything. But now with SweeperBot, there's no need to give up minesweeper!

SweeperBot plays mineseeper for you! It's free, it's efficient, and it's open source! Simply download and double-click, and then spend your time doing more productive things... like playing freecell.


The Squid's Beak May Revolutionize Engineering 79

Posted by kdawson
from the fortuitous-gradient dept.
Ace905 writes "For years the razor-sharp beak that squid use to eat their prey has posed a puzzle to scientists. Squid are soft and fragile, but have a beak as dense as rock and sharp enough to break through hard shells. Scientists have long wondered why the beak doesn't injure the squid itself as is uses it. New research has just been published in the the journal Science that explains the phenomenon. One of the researchers described the squid beak as 'like placing an X-Acto blade in a block of fairly firm Jell-O and then trying to use it to chop celery.' Careful examination shows that the beak is formed in a gradient of density, becoming harder towards the tip end. Understanding how to make such hardness gradients could revolutionize engineering anywhere that 'interfaces between soft and hard materials [are required].' One of the first applications researchers envision is prosthetic limbs."

All great ideas are controversial, or have been at one time.