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Comment General Purpose/Gaming Rig (Score 1) 558

I use my current setup for everything, watching movies on dvd, streaming netflix/amazon video, web browsing, and of course gaming. My current rig consists of:

Asus z97 Motherboard
i5 4690k
8GB of 2400Mhz SDRAM
LG Bluray burner

I play everything from retro/indie titles to free to play games to current games like witcher 3 wild hunt.

Comment Re:My encryption key is... (Score 1) 1047

You mean srm -rf /

And between journalled filesystems and NAND based storage, it probably still won't erase your data.

WTF is srm? I did "man sm" and "man srm" and my system said there's no man page. All Linux (etc.) software is great, because it's GNU and/or open source. All great software comes with at least minimal adequate documentation telling someone what it does, or what it is, and man could not tell me, so the command srm must not exist. :) Right?

Was this a typo? Or perhaps a Stypo?

Comment Re:Imagine... (Score 1) 96

But if you're just playing Flash games on Facebook,

I just upgraded my brothers computer, a six year old economy diy I built him because his hard drive crashed. Built him a new pc because he was thinking of upgrading anyways. He wanted to be able to play his flash games on facebook without his pc slowing to a crawl.

Comment Re:The obvious response... (Score 1) 566

I think you are completely ignoring an important factor in fuel economy, driving style. Here's my example: When travelling from Las Vegas to Los Angeles I go roughly from 0 to 90 miles per hour, depending on road conditions. If I'm going 0 there is traffic, I go 90 no when there is little traffic on the downhills. my wife on the other hand used to try to go 75 the whole way, unless there is heavy traffic. In the same vehicle when she arrives in LA she usually had less than a quarter tank of gas. while I would usually have about half a tank of gas left. Yes, we both start off with a full tank of fuel. I'll leave the fuel efficiency maths to the reader.

Submission + - Android Tablets Were Born Too Soon

adeelarshad82 writes: When you look at the Apple iPad's sales figures, it's not hard to see why every technology company on the planet is jumping on the tablet bandwagon, alot of which are Android tablets. Unfortunatley though, some of these Android tablets were born way too early. They are haunted with a series of problems including flimsy hardware, low-quality resistive touch screens, serious display resolution issues, and old Android versions with limited or non-existent access to apps. Even the Samsung Galaxy Tab came well before it's time. Even though it's fast, well-designed, and comes with a decent Android implementation, it's functionalities are limited to those of an Android smartphone. So here's to hoping that Honeycomb's functionalities make up for the lost ground.

Submission + - A Lamborghini Reventon you can actually afford: a ->

hasanabbas1987 writes: At long last even us plebeian supercar lovers can afford to say we own a Lambo. And we wouldn’t even be lying if we claimed it had an internal combustion engine (3cc, vroom vroom!), hydraulic shock absorbers, disc brakes, or permanent all-wheel drive. Such must have been the stringent requirements handed down from Lamborghini HQ to DeAgostini, which has scored the license to produce a limited run of 65 1:10 scale models of the Reventon. The radio-controlled mini-supercars haven’t been priced yet, but we suspect they’ll fall quite a few zeroes short of the real deal’s $1.2 million sticker.
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The Fuel Cost of Obesity 285

thecarchik writes "America loves to complain about gas mileage and the cost of gasoline. As it turns out, part of the problem is us. How much does it really matter? A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found a 1.1 percent increase in self-reported obesity, which translates into extra weight that your vehicle has to haul around. The study estimates that 1 billion extra gallons of fuel were needed to compensate for passenger weight gained between 1960 and 2002."

Ubuntu Moves To Yahoo For Default Firefox Search 370

An anonymous reader writes "Starting in Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx release, Firefox's default search engine will be switched from Google to Yahoo. The switch was made after Canonical 'negotiated a revenue sharing deal with Yahoo.' Google will still be available as a choice. Since Yahoo search is now powered by Microsoft's Bing, this would seem to mean that Microsoft will be paying people for using Ubuntu."

Submission + - Green Cement Absorbs Carbon

Peace Corps Online writes: "Concrete accounts for more than 5 percent of human-caused carbon-dioxide emissions annually, mostly because cement, the active ingredient in concrete, is made by baking limestone and clay powders under intense heat that is generally produced by the burning of fossil fuels. Now Scientific American reports that British start-up company Novacem has developed a "carbon-negative" cement that absorbs more carbon dioxide over its life cycle than it emits. The trick is to make cement from magnesium silicates rather than calcium carbonate, or limestone, since this material does not emit CO2 in manufacture and absorbs the greenhouse gas as it ages. "The building and construction industry knows it has got to do radical things to reduce its carbon footprint and cement companies understand there is not a lot they can do without a technology breakthrough," says Novacem Chairman Stuart Evans. Novacem estimates that for every ton of Portland cement replaced by its product, around three-quarters of a ton of CO2 is saved, turning the cement industry into a big emitter to a big absorber of carbon. Major cement makers have been working hard to reduce CO2 emissions by investing in modern kilns and using as little carbon-heavy fuel as possible, but reductions to date have been limited. Novacem has raised $1.7 M to start a pilot plant that should be up and running in northern England in 2011."

Comment Master Cleanse (Score 1) 865

try the master cleanse. its not a diet, rather a detox regimen. helps tremendously with energy levels. just remember the first 4-5 days are the toughest, try to do 10 days every 4-6 months but never more than 30 at a time. oh , quick tip, the salt water wash is nasty but i found that if you boil water then take 2 ounces and mix in the salt til it dissolves. You drink that and follow it with 30 ounces of water, its much easier than drinking 32 ouces of salt water. of course you should let the water cool a bit, lest it burn you. Also, I generally make a gallon at a time, and take some with me in a thermos, since the caps are usually about a cup(8oz) cheers.

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