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Linux Business

+ - It's time for the community to take charge of its ->

Submitted by
p0d3r1 writes " Georg Greve gives in his blog a clear and important answer to a couple of articles recently appeared on Cnet and Computerworld, where the authors 'legitimate' a loose meaning of "Free/Libre/Open source softare". No this is not yet another blog post "Free Software vs. Open Source", this is a blog post on "Identity". An identity not to be lost."
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FSFE President Urges Community To Strengthen Open Source As a Brand 152

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the someone-better-tackle-stallman dept.
Georg Greve, founder and president of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), has an insightful look at FOSS from a brand perspective with urgings that the community come together and strengthen open source as a unified brand. "There are plenty of false enemies to go around. Ironically, the most common form of false enemy is found around the animosity that has built around branding and framing issues, more specifically in the area of 'Free Software' vs 'Open Source.' Name-calling and quarreling on either side is not helpful, and serves to hide the common base and interest in having a strong brand and powerful message. The historical facts around Free Software are well documented and available to anyone who wishes to look them up. But instead of focusing on past insults and wrongs, I believe our focus should be on the future. We should realize that what divides us pales in comparison to what we have in common and that division and exclusion are harmful to us all. So we should rein in the name-callers on either side, and empower those people who know how to build cooperation, corporations, and positive feedback loops."
GNU is Not Unix

+ - Georg Greve on the history of FSFE-> 1

Submitted by
Stian Rodven Eide
Stian Rodven Eide writes "Georg Greve is the founder of the Free Software Foundation Europe and has served as its president since the beginning in 2001. Marking the eight birthday of the FSFE I asked him some questions on his own background and the history of the FSFE for a special birthday edition of the Fellowship interview series."
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+ - FSFE launches Free PDF Readers campaign

Submitted by
FSFE Fellow
FSFE Fellow writes "The Fellowship of the Free Software Foundation Europe is proud to announce its latest initiative:, a site providing information about PDF with links to Free Software PDF readers for all major operating systems.

"Interoperability, competition and choice are primary benefits of Open Standards that translate into vendor-independence and better value for money for customers," says FSFE president Georg Greve. "Although many versions of PDF offer all these benefits for formatted text and documents, files in PDF formats typically come with information that users need to use a specific product. provides an alternative to highlight the strengths of PDF as an Open Standard.""

+ - FSFE New Year's Resolution Fellowship campaign->

Submitted by
Graeme writes "Free Software Foundation Europe is asking people what they can do in 2009 to improve things for themselves and others in the sphere of software freedoms. One of the best ways is to make joining the successful Fellowship programme your New Year's resolution! More reasons to join: supporting the Freedom Task Force, FSFE anti-software patent work, and political lobbying."
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