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Comment Re:Windows 8 is not a catastrophe.... (Score 1) 880 This may be one person's opinion (based on a small sample size), but I think it agrees with the experience of most people who have spent any serious amount of time playing an FPS both with a controller and with a mouse.

Comment Re:I started pirating because of DRM (Score 1) 642

Similar story for me. I bought the original Warcraft and could not go past the cutscene after the first level because the game would crash when accessing the CD. I called Blizzard's support line and they basically told me; "Well we can't test every hardware combination, too bad you blew your money on our game." I fired up Mosaic on one of the x-terms at school and discovered the world of crackz and warez and found a perfectly working no-cd crack (which, unfortunately was the whole game, so I had to bring it home on a pile of floppies).
The Courts

Xbox Modding Trial Dismissed 179

It seems the harsh words from District Court Judge Philip Gutierrez on Wednesday had their intended effect; prosecutors in Matthew Crippen's Xbox modding case have now dismissed the indictment. Quoting Wired: "Witness No. 1, Tony Rosario, was an undercover agent with the Entertainment Software Association. He told jurors Wednesday that he paid Crippen $60 in 2008 to modify an Xbox, and secretly videotaped the operation. Rosario had responded to Crippen’s advertisement on the internet and met Crippen at his Anaheim house. All of that had been laid out in pretrial motions. But during his testimony, Rosario also said Crippen inserted a pirated video game into the console to verify that the hack worked. That was a new detail that helped the government meet an obligation imposed by the judge that very morning, when Gutierrez ruled that the government had to prove Crippen knew he was breaking the law by modding Xboxes. But nowhere in Rosario’s reports or sworn declarations was it mentioned that Crippen put a pirated game into the console. ... [Prosecutor Allen Chiu] conceded he never forwarded that information to the defense."

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