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Comment: Re:Some of those examples (Score 1) 956

by pigwin32 (#24265931) Attached to: Best and Worst Coding Standards?

I truly disagree with you. Having spent the best part of a year coding in Java and using the Java style with the open brace on the same line the best I can say is that I have gotten used to it. Code Complete has a section on indentation that recommends the Java/K&R style and it is one of the few sections I fundamentally disagree with. Later in the text there is a recommendation to comment closing braces with e.g. // end while (or similar) which to me highlights the problem. If opening and closing braces are vertically aligned with the controlling statement it is obvious which section of code the brace is closing (unless the code section is so long that the opening and closing braces aren't both visible in the code window but no-one codes like that any more right?).

I much prefer Allman style, and a little extra vertical spacing just helps code clarity - the days of needing to make the most of screen real-estate went out with the 80x24 green screens.


+ - Don't mention the d*hlias->

Submitted by pigwin32
pigwin32 (614710) writes "The writer of a gardening column in a local New Zealand newspaper has modified her spelling of d*hlias to avoid triggering a Google News Alert.

Every so often I receive a Google News Alert linking me to a gardening news article that makes me want to stick my finger down my throat or laugh till I drop. Today's article, by Abbie Jury, in the Taranaki Daily News of New Plymouth, New Zealand, is one of these.

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