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Comment Java (Score 0) 519

AdBlock plus interacts with secure websites meaning even when you're doing your banking AdBlock plus can look at your bank account. For a non-pop-ups adverts simply turn Java off. You will get no adverts, you will get no drive-by malware. Your Internet browsing will be faster. Your web browser will not give out Java information operating system and so on. If you were not all auto bots and Slashdot idiots you would know that. If you must run Java for browsing then use a firewall to block the ads like oneclick profiling Google ads. Slashdot, the place for auto bots and click click idiots.

Comment The story on the BBC is bollocks.. (Score 0) 274

U.K. broadcasting is one of the most censored in the world they could even put China to shame. Orwell worked for the Ministry of Information during the war and used it as his inspiration for the Ministry of Truth in Nineteen Eighty-Four. Now for reality: committing murder in England will see you serving a five-year prison sentence. Possession of firearm with intent to cause fear of violence Firearms Act 1968s.16A 10 years. In reality a maximum of 3 years. The only country in the world who locks up more people than the United Kingdom is the United States. Most prisoners in the U.K. are thrown out of prison early because of a lack of prison space. Copyright infringement is considered a low priority crime. Holding cells in the U.K. are no longer lawful because of the Human Rights Act. Margaret Thatcher used holding cells which are police cells to lock people up for a year in a single holding cell in a police station. They were called emergency holding cells because of overcrowded prisons no longer being able to take any more prisoners. The story on the BBC is bollocks. The only thing you can believe about the BBC is the date on their website. It's a government owned broadcasting service controlled by government ministers who create a BBC Charter of agreements. You cannot even put on a stage performance in the U.K. without ministers approval. Nobody is going to get 10 years in prison in the U.K. for copyright infringement simply because they don't have enough prisons to put people in them for 10 years. Why do I bother you people don't understand anyway do you and if you do you don't really care do you.

Comment Most places in Europe only accept cash.. (Score 0, Informative) 294

Most places in Europe, only accept cash. In the U.K. you must spend more than GBP 5.00. EUR 7.16. 7.80 USD. before you are allowed to use a debit card, or credit card in shopping centre/shopping complex/shopping mall. All imported goods must pay import VAT Import duty that are delivered to households addresses in cash. You can ask to pay by credit card and they will give you a web address card with your pay number on the card if you insist but they do not like doing that they prefer cash in hand. Unlike the U.S. most pensioners in Europe refuse to use credit cards because they associate it with borrowing money off of creditors a form of begging. Pensioners collect their money in cash from a "Post Office"

Comment music was recorded in mono on plastic vinyl (Score 0) 574

I had to look this person up on Wikipedia. He was born before coloured television in Canada. He had polio as a child and comes from the days when music was recorded in mono on plastic vinyl "gramophone records." He sings like a dying constipated dog trying to shit. He does not have any children he does not have any kind of relationship. He classes himself as a rock singer, country singer / folksinger. Absolute shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?... When I was a little kid my dad got me a cassette player it had a microphone plugged into the side it took large round batteries and it only had one song on it on a cassette and the song was https://www.youtube.com/watch?... When I was a kid I lived in the past when other people were living in modern times I lived in somewhere like nowhere land. But that's a different story.

Comment Taking your own advice (Score 0) 40

They are not magically tracked by the Russian antivirus group. The antivirus programs when installed on a Windows system have root access to the Windows system, they know what websites you are visiting what readme's you have on your computer what programs you have on your computer they track everything you do every website you visit. If you set up a Linux honeypot your first visitors will be auto scans from Google, and Amazon. Everybody is spying and hacking. If Kaspersky lab and its counterpart from the U.S. doesn't want any customers they are going about it the right way. I seem to remember Kaspersky, at the last antivirus companies gathering they said "keep your mouth shut." Obviously not taking your own advice.

Comment 1 in 10 New Zealanders (Score -1) 270

Who cares about New Zealand? They make U.S. hillbillies look like highly cultured knowledgeable people. There are 4.4 million people in New Zealand, and 39 million sheep. Sheep shagging is common so common they have a law especially for people who have sex with sheep "act of indecency law". Banning them from making contact with any sheep or harassing sheep. When you go to New Zealand, they say what are you a top or a bottom? Make sure you reply with no thank you. It is a well-known fact that the average Pakistani family outnumbers the New Zealanders military. 1 in 10 New Zealanders, do not have trisomy 21.

Comment Dam Coolies what, what! (Score 0) 219

The U.S. is only a stones throw away from such behaviour. In the U.S. anybody can be classed as a terrorist and killed or locked up indefinitely without trial. The U.S. lackey the U.K. has never been a democracy and just dreams of bullying and killing its neighbour Ireland. Or has public school bum fucking wet dreams of sticking it up 7 year old sambo, from the Commonwealth. Although they would much prefer colonies. Oh and where did India get democracy. Dam Coolies what!

Comment Walk sideways (Score -1) 38

English is silly and complicated but the U.S. version of English, is childish and ridiculous. A sidewalk to walk sideways. Footpath or pavement. sidestep sidestroke sideswipe sidetrack sidewalk. Stroller someone who strolls. When is a stroller not a stroller, when it's in the U.S., it becomes a small folding chair on wheels that a baby or small child sits in.

Comment Twitter and ZzZzZZZ (Score 0) 533

There are more than 100 Twitter like networks all over the world. And there are about 70 or more YouTube networks some of them older than YouTube, just a small list of them can be found on Wikipedia, the biggest being in China, the second biggest is in Russia, and then you have YouTube and the Arab network equivalent to YouTube. The "ISIS" banning story is nonsense it is just meant for isolated social network users as in Twitter, and YouTube, I think they call it the wall around the Internet, is for people who do not use the real Internet www. Isolated Internet originally existed with AOL, which I believe is virtually dead now. For anybody who really users the Internet, understands exactly what I am saying. The killings of all those who have had their head chopped off are on the ISIS networks. If you speak to any of these people face-to-face the first thing they want to do is to show you pictures of killings which they have on their mobile phones. The Pakistanis laugh about it "you have got to be a man to look at this gruesome killing" is usually what they say when they are amongst a group of their own. The Twitter, story is literally nonsense.. The NSA = YouTube and Twitter, only wished they were on their Twitter network so they could monitor them. Those who don't know what I'm saying I don't care. Those who know what I'm saying you know what I mean ZzZzZzZz.

Comment Aggressive sales techniques (Score 0) 576

Easy they would have Kaspersky, and the rest of the antivirus industry trying to convince them that they need to buy their products or else their spaceships, will become infected and there homes will burn down and they will get their arseholes raped by a AIDS, infected black man with mycobacterium ulcerans flesh eating disease. Just saying..

Comment Debbie does Dallas (Score -1) 55

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, have both got the lost tribe of liars in their mouths. And DrWeb, has found a tribe of unknown viruses that affects every electrical appliance known to man. And for a small fee every year they can protect you from all these unknown tribe of viruses. And DrWeb are not hustlers. And this story is not bullshit.. And Debbie does Dallas, is a born-again virgin. And if you're in the U.K. you cannot watch Debbie does Dallas http://www.tubeplus.me/player/...

Comment Spyware and malware (Score 1) 131

Most of the malware problem is white listing. Spyware and malware are using government spyware signatures which are white listed by virus scanners. If you run a well-known keylogger and network spyware software it is white listed by virus scanners. Recently the poor quality antivirus product McAfee, was listing network monitoring software ( Surveillance ) by its actual name even when it was in zip format. No other virus scanning products does. No doubt within a few weeks McAfee, will no longer name it. If you mess with the governments they will come and get you and they will kill you. no virus signature scanning company is going to mess about with what ever government.

Comment What the hell has happened to Debian desktop it is (Score 0) 98

It's Linux and they have used brute force and established an SSL connection. Linux is shit at the best of times but a brute force attack are they serious. And why are they calling it a Trojan it's a script it's not pretending to be something other than it is. And why would it check to find out whether it has already written a script on the computer it has used brute force on. Do they not know which computer system they have just used brute force on. Brute force is a slow boring process. When is malware not malware. Also like Windows it would need to be root to do all this deleting and renaming directions and blah blah blah, so the brute force was on the root Linux account.. you can attack a root account? Mind you I know absolutely nothing about computers I hate the fucking things! My systems automatically block brute force attacks my HP server firewall would block the IP address for an hour automatically and e-mail me telling me of the attack and the IP address. it was not a Trojan it was not a worm it was a brute force successful attack.

Comment it is always the others always. (Score 0) 645

The U.S. would burn people on a regular basis they still do. A favourite torture method used to be using a hammer on people's joints they would break kneecaps with the hammer and then they would break the elbows then the collarbone. To finish it off they would smashed the face and the jaw in with the hammer. These "IS" terrorists or freedom fighters or soldiers did not invent burning people. For example "Yemen rebels" if they were on the U.S. side they would have been called revolutionaries. "IS" Were created by the U.S. and funded by the U.S. the same as Al Qaeda was. All these wars and all these problems are created by the U.S. government they didn't magically start up they were created by the U.S. https://www.youtube.com/watch?... https://www.youtube.com/watch?... No matter how many people the U.S. kill there will always be people wanting to kill U.S. people back. It is not the fact that the U.S. are criminals it's the hypocrisy of pretending that they are not. Kill the Muslims and get on with it.. But don't pretend you are innocent and the others are guilty it is always the others always.

Comment Re:Brits hated him so much.... (Score 0) 121

Psychological manipulation or social influence is not necessarily negative depending on how it affects YOU. If it benefits you then it is in your interest to promote it. Do you understand? I know of Tommy Flowers, and you know of Tommy Flowers, and when somebody reads this they know of Tommy Flowers and the secret will eventually spread . But for now the masses will believe a gay man Alan Turing, was the person responsible for shortening the war. it benefits gay people and it is meant to make heterosexual people ashamed for mistreating homosexual people. http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?TommyFl... ( On the other hand, in early 1998 Tommy Flowers said with great feeling to a friend of mine, when Nic referred to AlanTuring's "great contribution" to Colossus (and I accept Colossus and the enigma code breakers had a key role in the Allies defeating Hitler): "Alan Turing had nothing to do with it!" It seemed like it wasn't the first time he had heard of Turing's "great contribution" to the engineering and practical breakthroughs that nobody now questions Tommy was crucially involved in - and he was quite keen to put the record straight! ). https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ouk&...

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