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Comment A woman who posted a trolling message on Twitter w (Score 0) 173

It does not work it has been tried before it has been used by individuals and governments to intimidate Internet users. A African man got burnt to death for being a "deviant" a man in the U.K. was tortured to death for being a paedophile it turned out he was not a paedophile. Black teenager was stabbed to death for being a troll and disrespecting his friend who killed him over a Facebook posting. A Bengali man was arrested in the U.K. for posting a video of himself burning poppies. A man from the U.K. who posted a message using swear words on Twitter was sentenced to 3 months in prison for using abusive language. A German man was arrested for trying to purchase wartime memorabilia on a auction website. A English historian was arrested for posting a message that questioned the holocaust. He was arrested when he travelled to Austria from the U.K. and he was imprisoned. A blogger was hacked to death with machetes for questioning religion in Pakistan. A woman was shot in the head for saying women should be educated and learn how to read and write. A man in the U.K. was arrested for trolling a footballer on Twitter he was given a suspended sentence. A woman who posted a trolling message on Twitter was hounded by the BBC arrested by the police and broadcast on the BBC News. A Nigerian man was blinded for posting a trolling message about how good looking his friend is and how he would like to sleep with him. A Mexican who posted messages on a blog about the drug gangs was shot dead. A Chinese man was imprisoned for posting what they say was Western propaganda. Nobody wants anybody to control the Internet unless it is them controlling it. Terrorist today Freedom fighter tomorrow. Troll today a political activist tomorrow. The Internet has only one enemy and that is governments. Fuck you all just saying cunts hope you don't mind.

Comment Customised graphics processing (Score 0) 322

You have more time on your hands than is healthy. Purposely designed consoles game playing consuls have customised graphics processing units that make the image look real. They are purposely designed to perform one function and that is for playing games. The PC does not even know about its own electronic components without software drivers. The PC is old and it has add-ons to help it perform functions with software drivers. If you need to build a PC for playing games then you need to get a life or get a girlfriend or boyfriend or a Japanese sex doll.

Comment Sissies (Score 0) 399

We don't have campus and all that. I went to a private school and I only had to slightly brushed past somebody and I would get a stiff on = an erection. I thought about my penis 24 hours a day and I was constantly desperate for sex I would have give it to anybody who wanted it! But I was lucky I come from a era where people understood and women understood that teenagers bollocks ruled their brain and women would keep them at arm's length. In my case fuck off was good enough for me. If the U.S. continue with all this constant henpecking you are going to end up having a generation of frustrated self abusing sissies. No offence to sissies.

Comment The terrorist will be fine (Score 0) 187

The terrorist will be fine. Those who understand the basics of computers will be fine. Has anybody been to the U.K.? Government departments using computers with floppy disk drives. System administrators who hide in cupboards and cannot put two words together. The passwords are like 2468. If you ask them what do you do what can you do? they say I can use Windows. With computers and computer networks the U.K. is like a Third World nation that is lost in the 80s. The only security they understand are those dam CCTV cameras which are absolutely everywhere! We only found one group of Pakistanis working in a garage resetting locks on computerised cars. All using software with a Australian hacking group logo on it.

Comment Outdated 1950s 60s propaganda (Score -1) 83

China and Russia killed my cat. Also China and Russia put subliminal messages in the background of the Harry Potter films telling everybody to send their passwords to a Chinese and Russian e-mail address. And also a subliminal message was put in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, to make the audiences sodomise themselves with a cucumber, in front of a WebCam for future blackmail. Australia military ranking below North Korea, below Israel, below Italy below Brazil. A Pakistani family has more children than Australia has soldiers. What specialised submarine is Australia going to build? A rubber one maybe? No offence Australia but: Russians bombing civilians the U.S. never did. Russians are cheating at the Olympics with steroids. The U.S. never did. Russia and China is spying on everybody. The NSA and GCHQ and so on are not. This nonsense is getting boring goodies and baddies the U.S. is certainly no goody. It is in actual fact the baddie. Knock the outdated 1950s 60s propaganda on the head it is too primitive for todays audience.

Comment Hello U.K. (Score 0) 136

For U.K. residents. For the last few days we have been doing a survey and contacting e-mail providers and website providers in Amsterdam where a warrant is still required. The response we got back was good most of them if the law does pass and even if it does not are considering introducing English interfaces to their e-mail systems plus webmail plus hosting. It will work with Firefox and the Tor network this will stop your ISP from tracking you to your webmail interface. The Tor network are also introducing a message system.

Comment 3 to 4 days (Score -1) 165

I can have a parcel sent around the world and be delivered the next day. I can purchase from Amazon, to deliver 2 miles away and it will take 3 to 4 days. perhaps I am becoming grumpy but Amazon delivery drivers are useless bastards. "we are sorry you was not in when we tried to deliver we left a card we will try to deliver tomorrow. We are sorry we were unable to deliver your parcel again we will try tomorrow. We are sorry we were unable to deliver your parcel there was a delay". Funny how they never leave this "card".

Comment Blah blah blah blah blah blah. (Score 0) 100

They go to the same group they share their e-mail address with the same group they use the same VPN. They are monitored and they have the agent provocateurs praising them. They are coached how to use the automatic hacking software. They are just adolescents sending out malware attachments spyware and so on encouraged by agent provocateurs. They don't make or discover by themselves they are coached. Everything they are doing they've been encouraged to do and they are monitored all the way. Windows anti malware antivirus monitors all websites you visit it is how they keep up-to-date with malware threats. Fraud protection in browser options is the same thing. VPN has log files when they switched that off their Internet provider has log files. That is why they get pop-up messages saying this website has been blocked and so on. Fuck them they are cannon fodder is what is being said. Sad. They say they can always catch a glory seeker by releasing false statements declaring to be that person. And that person ends up breaking their neck to post messages to say blah blah blah.

Comment TalkTalk Group (Score 1) 46

Looks like they took on too many customers and it was overload. They took all of virgin net dial-up customers in just one day because virgin wanted to switch to broadband cable users only and cable television and telephones. "people in the U.K. hate TalkTalk Telephone and Internet because their sales staff bombard them with special offers nuisance calls and spam". Really? "Virgin broadband customers told: we're moving you to TalkTalk and you'll lose your email Virgin Media is transferring 100,000 broadband and home phone customers to TalkTalk, and customers will have 12 months to adopt a new email address. Virgin Media insisted that the transition to TalkTalk would be “seamless” and customers would not lose their connection at any point". I love reading other people's Internet providers homepages. http://community.virginmedia.c... At the moment I'm reading some in Amsterdam find the language hard going I might purchase a server there prices look good.

Comment Crazy just crazy. (Score 0) 80

The U.K. is becoming a scary place. You poor people two world wars and you were eventually beaten by your own Secret Service in 2015. And in the meantime the U.K. is welcoming Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Queen as invited him to dinner. China, the country that shoots people in the head called public executions. And does this mean the U.K. can bring back the opium poppy trade. Hip hip hurray! We're in the money, We're in the money; We've got a lot of opium to sell! We're in the money, The sky is sunny; you took back Hong Kong You done us wrong! We're in the money, We're in the money; We've got a lot of opium to sell! Get off! please don't do that don't eat my corgi dog!

Comment Hello NSA (Score 0) 125

I wouldn't worry about China, too much they are not directly tapping the undersea cables and they are not hacking into Deutsche Telekom and they are not stealing information from satellites and attacking nuclear power stations with Trojans and spyware. What you have just written as just been saved by GCHQ and the NSA. If you put all of the hacking "criminals" on the Internet together they will not have committed half of the state-sponsored crimes of GCHQ or the NSA. If another country anywhere in the world would have committed half of the crimes that the NSA and GCHQ have committed they would have been totally ostracised by all other nations. There is no point in pointing the finger at others we all know who the criminals are. We just cannot do anything about them it seems.

Comment Full-time job fighting off spam. (Score 0) 217

Running your own e-mail server can turn into a full-time job fighting off spam. There are many organisations who don't want you to run your own e-mail server they will disrupt frustrate and irritate you as much as they can. If you bounce messages they will use that bounce to bounce spam off of you to target others. If you start blocking IP addresses some countries want you to do that. If you let somebody else take control you never know whether you are in contact with the people who you would like to be in contact with. Other people want control some because they earn money from providing that service and others because they are megalomaniacs. Running your own e-mail server is as frustrating as running your own forum but more so. E-mail addresses are gold dust government departments want to know it the taxman wants to know it everybody you purchase something from wants to know it. And government spies around the world want to read it.

Comment KDE unprofessional.. (Score 0) 115

I used to use KDE a long time ago with TurboLinux, and then with a French distribution called MandrakeSoft powerpack. Both versions used to be paid for versions. MandrakeSoft was excellent for multiple languages. And then I stop using KDE altogether when it changed and started putting U.S. flags on regional control for icons and you had to edit "trash" and change it into its proper name. Trash to me means something totally different it is nothing to do with recycle/bin/rubbish/ and so on. They become unprofessional and it showed. They didn't know how to cope with people they didn't want to fix things they didn't want other people to fix things. They started acting like U.S. children. We always looked upon it as a Deutschland European project but then something happened and it turned into a U.S. product.. And then we had the East Asian problem with the flag again. That one really cause problems it entered into politics. I used to run downloads to fix the problems. After a while I began to hate KDE. They have no respect. I have tried but I cannot forgive them.

Comment God help any aliens (Score -1, Flamebait) 145

God help any aliens they will have Israelis building settlements on their land and shooting them and cutting off their water supply and food. And if they are planning on getting away from the Muslims that is impossible they will be exploding themselves in outer space also and chopping off aliens heads in the name of Muhammad not the boxer but the paedophile.

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