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Comment: Twitter and ZzZzZZZ (Score 0) 533

There are more than 100 Twitter like networks all over the world. And there are about 70 or more YouTube networks some of them older than YouTube, just a small list of them can be found on Wikipedia, the biggest being in China, the second biggest is in Russia, and then you have YouTube and the Arab network equivalent to YouTube. The "ISIS" banning story is nonsense it is just meant for isolated social network users as in Twitter, and YouTube, I think they call it the wall around the Internet, is for people who do not use the real Internet www. Isolated Internet originally existed with AOL, which I believe is virtually dead now. For anybody who really users the Internet, understands exactly what I am saying. The killings of all those who have had their head chopped off are on the ISIS networks. If you speak to any of these people face-to-face the first thing they want to do is to show you pictures of killings which they have on their mobile phones. The Pakistanis laugh about it "you have got to be a man to look at this gruesome killing" is usually what they say when they are amongst a group of their own. The Twitter, story is literally nonsense.. The NSA = YouTube and Twitter, only wished they were on their Twitter network so they could monitor them. Those who don't know what I'm saying I don't care. Those who know what I'm saying you know what I mean ZzZzZzZz.

Comment: Aggressive sales techniques (Score 0) 576

Easy they would have Kaspersky, and the rest of the antivirus industry trying to convince them that they need to buy their products or else their spaceships, will become infected and there homes will burn down and they will get their arseholes raped by a AIDS, infected black man with mycobacterium ulcerans flesh eating disease. Just saying..

Comment: Debbie does Dallas (Score -1) 55

by pigsycyberbully (#49064387) Attached to: Drones and Satellites Spot Lost Civilizations In Unlikely Places
Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, have both got the lost tribe of liars in their mouths. And DrWeb, has found a tribe of unknown viruses that affects every electrical appliance known to man. And for a small fee every year they can protect you from all these unknown tribe of viruses. And DrWeb are not hustlers. And this story is not bullshit.. And Debbie does Dallas, is a born-again virgin. And if you're in the U.K. you cannot watch Debbie does Dallas

Comment: Spyware and malware (Score 1) 131

by pigsycyberbully (#49057599) Attached to: Bank Hackers Steal Millions Via Malware
Most of the malware problem is white listing. Spyware and malware are using government spyware signatures which are white listed by virus scanners. If you run a well-known keylogger and network spyware software it is white listed by virus scanners. Recently the poor quality antivirus product McAfee, was listing network monitoring software ( Surveillance ) by its actual name even when it was in zip format. No other virus scanning products does. No doubt within a few weeks McAfee, will no longer name it. If you mess with the governments they will come and get you and they will kill you. no virus signature scanning company is going to mess about with what ever government.

Comment: What the hell has happened to Debian desktop it is (Score 0) 98

by pigsycyberbully (#49021881) Attached to: New Multi-Purpose Backdoor Targets Linux Servers
It's Linux and they have used brute force and established an SSL connection. Linux is shit at the best of times but a brute force attack are they serious. And why are they calling it a Trojan it's a script it's not pretending to be something other than it is. And why would it check to find out whether it has already written a script on the computer it has used brute force on. Do they not know which computer system they have just used brute force on. Brute force is a slow boring process. When is malware not malware. Also like Windows it would need to be root to do all this deleting and renaming directions and blah blah blah, so the brute force was on the root Linux account.. you can attack a root account? Mind you I know absolutely nothing about computers I hate the fucking things! My systems automatically block brute force attacks my HP server firewall would block the IP address for an hour automatically and e-mail me telling me of the attack and the IP address. it was not a Trojan it was not a worm it was a brute force successful attack.

Comment: it is always the others always. (Score 0) 645

The U.S. would burn people on a regular basis they still do. A favourite torture method used to be using a hammer on people's joints they would break kneecaps with the hammer and then they would break the elbows then the collarbone. To finish it off they would smashed the face and the jaw in with the hammer. These "IS" terrorists or freedom fighters or soldiers did not invent burning people. For example "Yemen rebels" if they were on the U.S. side they would have been called revolutionaries. "IS" Were created by the U.S. and funded by the U.S. the same as Al Qaeda was. All these wars and all these problems are created by the U.S. government they didn't magically start up they were created by the U.S. No matter how many people the U.S. kill there will always be people wanting to kill U.S. people back. It is not the fact that the U.S. are criminals it's the hypocrisy of pretending that they are not. Kill the Muslims and get on with it.. But don't pretend you are innocent and the others are guilty it is always the others always.

Comment: Re:Brits hated him so much.... (Score 0) 121

Psychological manipulation or social influence is not necessarily negative depending on how it affects YOU. If it benefits you then it is in your interest to promote it. Do you understand? I know of Tommy Flowers, and you know of Tommy Flowers, and when somebody reads this they know of Tommy Flowers and the secret will eventually spread . But for now the masses will believe a gay man Alan Turing, was the person responsible for shortening the war. it benefits gay people and it is meant to make heterosexual people ashamed for mistreating homosexual people. ( On the other hand, in early 1998 Tommy Flowers said with great feeling to a friend of mine, when Nic referred to AlanTuring's "great contribution" to Colossus (and I accept Colossus and the enigma code breakers had a key role in the Allies defeating Hitler): "Alan Turing had nothing to do with it!" It seemed like it wasn't the first time he had heard of Turing's "great contribution" to the engineering and practical breakthroughs that nobody now questions Tommy was crucially involved in - and he was quite keen to put the record straight! ).

Comment: It could have been toilet paper! (Score -1) 121

He was into anal sex and if you bust the anus shit just drops out. So he must have always needed to have some paper with him just in case. In the U.K. toilet paper was made out of very thick paper because of wartime rations. Hey! it could be the remains of his code breaking turd.

Comment: Do it yourself with the aid of a firewall (Score 0) 619

Why not just block the ads with your firewall. Whoops! maybe some people need to allow ads sometimes? for some reason. If it's a software firewall on a Windows system can they not just block the ads with OutPostPro firewall. would not using AdBlock plus slow down your browser?

Comment: OK (Score 0) 471

by pigsycyberbully (#48969711) Attached to: Systemd Getting UEFI Boot Loader
The antisocial Linux enthusiasts is never happy. If this Lennart Poettering, was willing to do a speech to the Linux antisocial enthusiasts with a dildo sticking out of his rectum I am sure he would get a large following all agreeing with systemd. I think even some of them would be prepared to polish their 1 front tooth.

Comment: So it was a U.S. company (Score 0) 242

by pigsycyberbully (#48966779) Attached to: RadioShack Near Deal To Sell Half of Its Stores, Close the Rest
They were called "TANDY" in Europe and Asia. You would take your electronic course with them to get your qualifications through the post. You would build a functioning home computer system keyboard and everything. You would build a power supply which was the size of a house brick. You would receive your magazine through the post every two weeks telling you which component you needed to buy from "TANDY" to complete your course. They also did a ( do it yourself ) build a "ham radio" and build what they now call a drone aircraft. Camera and circuitboard and components were all supplied by TANDY" which you had to buy from their catalogue magazine to complete your course. Long time ago 80s and I think they finished late 90s and become RadioShack briefly in Europe, and then disappeared. So it was a U.S. company? To earn a living then everybody wanted to be a "television repair man" televisions were shit them they used to break all the time. Television repair man were self-employed.

Comment: Collect information your personal information (Score 0) 282

by pigsycyberbully (#48912543) Attached to: EFF Unveils Plan For Ending Mass Surveillance
But your virus scanners have root access to your Windows system and they collect information your personal information and some of them send that information to the U.S. to get around the data protection laws. Your information is then available under U.S. law to the spy agencies. LICENSE AGREEMENT Bitdefender the monitoring and collecting of your personal information e-mail messages scanned for spam may contain private messages. Websites you visit may contain personal private information that you have posted on that website. The collected information as set out above is necessary for the purpose of optimizing the functionality of Bitdefender’s products and may be transferred to the Bitdefender Group in the United States that has less data protection of other countries. (European Union ).To get around of data protection laws they ship your information to the U.S. Bitdefender’s privacy policy guarantees you the right to access, rectify, eliminate and object to the processing of data by notifying Bitdefender via e-mail at:

Comment: Man in the mirror. (Score 0) 413

It's a subconscious mental disorder the fear of one's own subconscious that repulses the person who reacts in a hysterical way to his or hers subconscious fantasies over having sex with children, which makes that person act in an hysterical crazed violent way to anybody who has been accused of such activities rightly or wrongly. They wish to project that compulsion for all to see. ( I am innocent look at my reaction ). It is not that they are really child molesters themselves it is just their subconscious. it used to be used by the state to blackmail dissidents. The church used to use self abuse fucking oneself with a object. That doesn't have the power it once had but that was then and this is now. A person who reacts in a calm and collective way is the one you can trust to enforce the laws. This anonymous is either a paedophile or a government agency. Which one are you? child molester? rapist? self abuser? bestiality? homosexual? mother fucker? which one makes you act crazy. They call it the "Man in the mirror". Rule your mind or somebody else will.

Comment: Emsisoft (Score 0) 467

by pigsycyberbully (#48889915) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Anti-Virus Software In 2015? Free Or Paid?
An external USB DVD with read and write capabilities cost less than a packet of cigarettes in English speaking countries. They are almost as thin as the DVDs themselves they are used on laptops and small office servers. Virus spyware malware scanners work from so-called cloud-based because of the storage capability that is needed to detect all the known viruses and Trojans and spyware that are created every day. That means you have somebody who has the capability to monitor everything you do regardless of VPNs that you may use. The U.S. has a law that can demand any U.S. software or hardware company must give the U.S. spy agency the capabilities to spy on you and they are intoxicated with that power. A U.S. antivirus product would not be a good idea. Emsisoft, does a all in one product I think they are Austrian, and also have a base in New Zealand. one of us has an account with these people. These days you cannot trust any software company, and as they say with software paranoia is a sense of awareness. it is not that I have something worth spying on it is just that I would like to have something that belongs to me.

Comment: Lowlife politicians. I am in the U.K. today.. (Score 1) 311

by pigsycyberbully (#48787471) Attached to: Google Fund To Pay For 1 Million Copies of Charlie Hebdo
The Charlie Hebdo, second attack by lowlife politicians. Francois Hollande, before all this wanted to shutdown this magazine. The politicians jostling each other to try to get a Photo shot of themselves being important even pointing their fingers in the air when they see a camera even though they are talking to nobody. These journalists and cartoonist died for freedom of expression and none of these politicians represent freedom of expression. They all want to use these dead cartoonists and journalists. These lowlife politicians have no shame. If these dead cartoonists and journalists could do one more magazine from their graves what would they have printed? Francois Hollande, with his mistress giving him a blowjob with the caption: Unemployed actress sucks. Angela Merkel, with the caption Gestapo returns to Paris, Sieg Heil Monetary Union! Benjamin Netanyahu, get the fuck out of my way I’m going to build an Israeli settlement in this here Paris road. David haemorrhoid Cameron, am I on camera? are they taking pictures of me? look at me! look at me.. The world economy is safe in my hands I am not just a toffee nosed dickhead from an underprivileged island. Get that nigger out of my way! Sorry about any spelling mistakes I am rushing I’m on a deadline.

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