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by physicsdot (#43616027) Attached to: So What If Yahoo's New Dads Get Less Leave Than Moms?
Good advice - but probably not well-intentioned. But it's a balance - stay living in a shitty, anti-intellectual, country or take the massive upheaval of moving to Sweden, finding a place in a new society, learning the language, getting a visa etc. The barriers to entry are very high - but there is no doubt that as a place to live, work and raise a family Sweden shits on the states.

Comment: Something less than theatre... (Score 1) 427

by physicsdot (#43363309) Attached to: TSA Log Shows Passengers Say the Darndest Things

After learning that his luggage had made a flight that he missed, a Las Vegas (LAS) passenger told the gate agent: "Imagine there was a bomb in my bag. I'm not on plane, and it would explode."

I could write why TSA's response to this comment as a threat is patently stupid - but to do so demeans us all. You guys are paying people to detain anyone who utters the word "bomb" - in any context.

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And you wrongly are implying that therefore piracy of material is acceptable. If an artist, for whatever reason, decides to make money from selling copies of their work - then you, if you enjoy that work, have an obligation to help support them. That is the social contract you enter into when you gain the benefits of someone else's time.

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But I'm not ready to deeply cut back on my standard of living and when push comes to shove, so is very few others either.

The above post provides a really clear picture of the problem: that rational, decent people are still short sighted enough so that if left alone they will lead the world to ruin

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Man - I feel so bad for you guys, that is really hard. I think the free market supporters should look outside their country and see what other people are doing. Think of Australia as being half between you guys and some government run Scandinavian country. We pay higher taxes, but our education is much cheaper - many students work to help pay their way through uni, but they don't work as hard as you poor bastards. I look at the quality of life here, job oppotunities, tax payer funded Heath care, longer life expectancies - and I suspect it is government policies, such as higher taxes and stronger regulation. I really respect the Americian ethos of independence and hard work, but my guess is that your free market policies are making things harder than they need be.

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...Repeat what the professor said if you want an A. Disagree with his premises if you want an F.

Could this is an example of the anti-intellectualism Sanger was talking about? Although it *may* have been true in your instance, it sums up many of his themes: that you believe that knowledge is just a social construct, and that a professors assessment of your premises has no more weight than your own, that he is not an expert with a deeper understanding of the subject than yours - that such a thing may not even be possible.

Later you comment that as you'll end up in MacDonalds anyway, you might as well skip college. Once again, this reduces college to something that is only worthy (in your eyes) if it gets you a job. This too is part of Sanger's point. Intellectual investigation is a worthy exercise, even if it doesn't get you a job.

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