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Comment: Crypto without stego (Score 1) 219

This looks like the same architecture the NSA is advocating for a secure Android communication platform using encrypted VoIP. The problem with their (NSA) proposal is that it requires 3G+ data network coverage to work and this isn't available everywhere. What data speeds are required by Zimmerman's project? Also, won't using this tool immediately flag the user as suspicious? As a hostile government/network provider could I not just block/flag traffic routing towards the Canadian server? What is to keep someone using this in someplace like Ethiopia from being immediately picked up by the authorities and jailed indefinitely or tortured into revealing the data the cryptography was meant to protect?

Comment: Re:Don't bother applying, you'll just load missile (Score 1) 142

by phreakngeek (#25295869) Attached to: Air Force To Re-Open Pursuit of Cyber Command
The military treats people as interchangeable for continuity of operations. The hero role plays nice in the movies but in reality it's bad when the only guy who can perform a critical function isn't available. If you have unique skills and you want to work for them so much then why don't you just go apply to one of the contractors there?

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