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Comment: Where it counts... (Score 1) 570

by phreakincool (#44612611) Attached to: The Steady Decline of Unix
Websites, databases, firewalls, DNS, application server, file-servers - most businesses run some form of UNIX or Linux. And wouldn't dare think otherwise. This article is stupid. I work for a company where we would literally lose millions for every reboot of certain mission critical servers. UNIX ain't going nowhere.

Comment: City of Heroes will be missed. (Score 1) 109

by phreakincool (#41196287) Attached to: NCSoft Closes "City of Heroes" Publisher Paragon Studios
6+ year CoX player.
Played almost exclusively in Ubuntu Linux/wine
Numerous level 50+ toons.
Thousands of badges.
Humongous Hero bases w/ teleports to most zones, storage, etc.
Almost orphaned 3 teen kids, widowed 1 wife. :-)
Good times.
Guess I'll log for a few last times before the end.

Comment: Re:Little difference? (Score 1) 839

by phreakincool (#34239002) Attached to: Scientists Propose One-Way Trips To Mars
Given the size of the prison population is but a mere fraction of the general population, I'm guessing there would be waaaaaaaaaaaay more free citizens willing to sign-up for that one-way ride. I, for one, would leave my very lucrative IT job in minute if I were green-lighted that mission. I know a lot of of people that would sign up. My only concern is that my family would be taken care of financially.

Committees have become so important nowadays that subcommittees have to be appointed to do the work.