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Comment: Where it counts... (Score 1) 570 570

by phreakincool (#44612611) Attached to: The Steady Decline of Unix
Websites, databases, firewalls, DNS, application server, file-servers - most businesses run some form of UNIX or Linux. And wouldn't dare think otherwise. This article is stupid. I work for a company where we would literally lose millions for every reboot of certain mission critical servers. UNIX ain't going nowhere.

Comment: City of Heroes will be missed. (Score 1) 109 109

by phreakincool (#41196287) Attached to: NCSoft Closes "City of Heroes" Publisher Paragon Studios
6+ year CoX player.
Played almost exclusively in Ubuntu Linux/wine
Numerous level 50+ toons.
Thousands of badges.
Humongous Hero bases w/ teleports to most zones, storage, etc.
Almost orphaned 3 teen kids, widowed 1 wife. :-)
Good times.
Guess I'll log for a few last times before the end.

Comment: Re:Little difference? (Score 1) 839 839

by phreakincool (#34239002) Attached to: Scientists Propose One-Way Trips To Mars
Given the size of the prison population is but a mere fraction of the general population, I'm guessing there would be waaaaaaaaaaaay more free citizens willing to sign-up for that one-way ride. I, for one, would leave my very lucrative IT job in minute if I were green-lighted that mission. I know a lot of of people that would sign up. My only concern is that my family would be taken care of financially.

Gravity brings me down.