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Comment: Re:Legal (Score 1) 169

by phrackthat (#49362735) Attached to: Commercial Flamethrower Successfully Crowdfunded
Concealed carry is legal in most California counties only if you have an in (read: large contribution) with the Sheriff because whether or not a license is issued is entirely discretionary with the Sheriff. Most counties have not followed the Peruta case because there was a question as to whether the 9th circuit would be taking it up en banc (it decided to do so yesterday). So, no, we don't really have concealed carry in California.

Comment: There is teacher bias, but it's not against girls. (Score 3, Interesting) 493

A study by researchers from the University of Georgia and Columbia University, which evaluated 5,800 elementary school children, came to the opposite conclusion as these Israeli researchers. Researchers analyzed data from 5,800 elementary school students and found that boys performed better on standardized exams in math, reading and science than their course grades reflected.

From the above-referenced study:

The gender differences in grades emerge early in all subject areas and favor girls in every subject. Because boys out perform girls on math and science test scores, it is surprising that girls out perform boys on teacher grades in math and science by nearly 0.15 standard deviations. Even more surprising is that the girl boy gap in reading grades is over 300 percent larger than the white black reading gap and the girl boy gaps in math and science teacher grades are about 40 percent larger than the corresponding white black grade gaps.


the inconsistency between test scores and grades is largely accounted for by non-cognitive skills. White boys who perform as well as white girls on these subject-area tests and exhibit the same attitude towards learning as white girls in the classroom are graded similarly.

So, in short, if a boy acts and has a similar learning style as girls, he will get the same grades as girls. Women dominate the teaching profession - 84% of teachers are women. In Kindergarten it's even worse - 98% of teachers are women. Therefore, women apparently value students whose learning style is similar to their own.

In another study, boys were awarded lower grades by women teachers than by external examiners. Whereas male teachers gave girls the same marks as external examiners.

On the political side, in 1972 there were 17% fewer women graduates of college programs than men and this was considered something of a crisis and Title IX was passed to ensure equal opportunities for education regardless of gender. Today, 25% few men than women graduate from college and President Obama calls this a "great accomplishment."

Comment: OP is completely full of shit (Score 1) 420

by phrackthat (#48878269) Attached to: Blogger Who Revealed GOP Leader's KKK Ties Had Home Internet Lines Cut

The "blogger" who posted that Mr. Scalise talked to a white nationalist group got the "story" from the son of the Democrat who ran against Scalise in Louisiana. They had this "info" during the campaign but didn't run it because they knew it to be a lie. Their supposed source, whom they won't name, supposedly had a photo of Scalise at the event, but oops - it got accidentally deleted! So, conveniently, there is no evidence of their libelous claim.

The blogger posted this lie in order to paint the new Republican majority as racist because Scalise he was going to be the House Majority Whip. Scalise wasn't there to talk to a white supremacist group, but spoke earlier in the day to a neighborhood association. The person who organized the EURO conference just also happened to be president of the neighborhood association and used the conference availability to set up a meeting of his neighborhood's association.

In short, this is a left-wing hit piece backed by no evidence.

Comment: Re: Wow... Just "no". (Score 1) 204

by phrackthat (#48869701) Attached to: Sends Personal Data To Over a Dozen Tracking Websites

Not really, most of the ACA was recycled Republican ideas . . .

So, it's a Republican idea if a guy who is a complete leftist and just wears the name "Republican" happens to propose it and it is shot down by the Republican party? (Sen. John Chafee was the leader on the bill - just to show how conservative he was, he also wrote a bill to ban the manufacture or sale of handguns and/or ammunition, and was pro-abortion and pro-homosexual rights back in the 90's when it wasn't trendy, etc. On social issues, Chafee was amongst the most leftist in the Senate - Democrats included.) In 1993, he joined with Democratic Louisiana Senator John Breaux to form the Senate Mainstream Coalition, a coalition of six Democratic and six Republican Senators seeking bipartisan consensus on health reform

The bill Chafee authored was not even brought up for a vote because the rest of the GOP wanted nothing to do with it. The ACA is no more "recycled Republican ideas" than White Nationalism is "recycled Democrat ideas" because of Senator Robert Byrd's prior affiliation with the KKK.

Comment: Re:This could be great (Score 1) 117

by phrackthat (#47660145) Attached to: New Process Promises Ammonia From Air, Water, and Sunlight
"Safety is not going to be their greatest concern . . ." The mixing of peroxide and acetone creates acetone peroxide (also known as triacetone triperoxide (TATP). Palestinian terrorists have given it the nickname "Mother of Satan" and their bomb makers usually are missing fingers or other appendages.

Comment: Hopefully you;ll find some help here (Score 4, Informative) 170

Check out Code Project - lots of great articles on Palm programming:

Go to Sourceforge - it may take a while to pick through the weeds, but you should find some useful projects to examine the code:

C programming for Palm: -- a review of Palm IDEs - may give you some ideas -- Palm Organizer has the essential files for creating a Palm program if you look at the bottom of the page

Try the 1stSource forums, check out the menu on the left for various Palm models and you'll be sure to find some useful info:

For some fun - and perhaps some code to review: -- Gameboy emulator for Palm -- Apple II emulator for Palm

More emulators to consider: -- Atari ST emulator

http://frodopalm.sourceforge.n... -- commodore 64 emulator

Good luck and have fun!

+ - Another day, another hard drive crash with lost emails 1

Submitted by phrackthat
phrackthat (2602661) writes "Another associate of Lois Lerner had a hard drive crash and lost her emails (and, once again, the hard drive was recycled before investigators could examine it). This time the hard drive belonged to April Sands, an employee of the Federal Election Commission who worked under Lerner when Lerner served as the agency's Associate General Counsel for Enforcement. Sands admitted to violating the Hatch Act by electioneering for Obama using Federal property but the Inspector General didn't bring criminal charges because her email couldn't be retrieved from the recycled hard drive.

Is Lois Lerner a living high-power human drive degausser? That seems to be the only explanation other than massive corruption and we know that can't be the case because Obama said that there wasn't a smidgeon of corruption . . . ."

Thrashing is just virtual crashing.