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Comment: Re:Yes, indies can be included (Score 0) 375

by phr00t2000 (#26002069) Attached to: Warner Music Pushing Music Tax For Universities

Somebody told you it was good?

The EFF told everyone it was good. The EFF is our friend, right?

Do they not teach critical thinking at UMass anymore?

Critical thinking tells me to put our grudges against the RIAA aside. It all boils down to.. is the music industry finally giving us what we want? Yes, or pretty damn close at least. DRM free, freedom to share on our terms, freedom to listen on our terms while artists and copyright holders get paid fairly. Once you get past "teh music industry is ebil!" part, you will realize this is a pretty good deal.

I am only asking because I'd really like to know what motivates you trying to comply with the RIAA extortion.

Asking to be compensated for their copyrighted work is not extortion. If you do not like copyright law, complain to the law makers -- not the RIAA.

Comment: Re:Yes, indies can be included (Score 1) 375

by phr00t2000 (#26002017) Attached to: Warner Music Pushing Music Tax For Universities

that's going to create more work for you with no additional pay?

You obviously do not work in a University's IT department. We already do an amazing amount of work processing DMCA complaints and early settlement letters. Not having to process these anymore will *reduce* our workload significantly.

This is extortion and racketeering

Yay misinformation. Is Best Buy participating in extortion when they say "you need to pay for this item to bring it home, or we will arrest you"? No. Why? Because it is illegal to steal. Infringing upon copyright by distributing music without permission is also illegal, and the copyright holders have every right to ask for compensation (fairly).

have only their own self interests in mind

The whole purpose of this system is for artists and copyright holders to get paid fairly. Monitoring who is getting downloaded the most will get the biggest share.

you are not at the mercy of the RIAA nor any label

When the RIAA owns 80% of the music, and our student body is illegally sharing that music on our network, our students *are* at the mercy of the RIAA. This collective licensing is a way for our students to do what they want while having permission to do it!

Comment: Re:Affordable and yet... (Score 1) 375

by phr00t2000 (#25998653) Attached to: Warner Music Pushing Music Tax For Universities
There exists something called an "Activities Fee" at our university:

e.g. "various agencies providing services and activities for students"

When you go to college, you pay fees for a ton of things you probably don't use already. Do you think you will use 200 of those RSOs? Probably not. Adding the (very small) collective licensing fee would probably be used much more often than RSOs #78-126.

Bottom line is, you already pay for a ton of things you don't use. Collective licensing -- everyone who wants music could benefit from.

Comment: I don't get all the hate (Score 1) 375

by phr00t2000 (#25998377) Attached to: Warner Music Pushing Music Tax For Universities
Warner is finally doing something the EFF wanted all along... collective licensing. Shouldn't we be supporting this?

Finally they will let us share the music however we want, how much we want. No DRM, no worries of lawsuits or copyright infringement...

I hated the RIAA when they were suing people and putting DRM on everything. Now they want to stop that.. I say it's about time!

Comment: This is a good thing! (Score 1) 375

by phr00t2000 (#25998273) Attached to: Warner Music Pushing Music Tax For Universities
I work at the University of Massachusetts.

I had a conference call with Warner today about this very subject.

This is a good thing. This is just what the EFF wanted:

Now we have a chance to make this a reality, and you guys are shooting it down?

This "music tax" is a fair way for artists and distributors to get paid while letting people listen and share music however they want. No DRM. You get to keep the music after you leave the university. Use any file sharing network you want.

It would only cost $2 to $10 a month (still in the works, they want our input)... what more do you guys want? This is a huge improvement over the current choice of DRM vs. a lawsuit.

Warner wants to work with the Universities to help implement this... I spoke with them directly this morning, and I really believe Warner is trying to do good with this system. Please, let us give them a chance to do something right. This isn't just Warner pressing some evil tax on the Universities, it is just a pilot to let file sharing thrive without limitations.

I hope this program succeeds, I truly do.

After Goliath's defeat, giants ceased to command respect. - Freeman Dyson