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Comment: Re:Details of the patent (Score 1, Redundant) 163

by phluid61 (#45552229) Attached to: Google Wants To Write Your Social Media Responses For You

if comment.first() { comment.append(" LOL, epic fail :-) "); } else ( Flame flame = new Flame(); flame.invokeGodwinsLaw(); }

You have a syntax error after the "else", it should be "{" rather than "(". Also, you might want to consider randomly choosing between invokeGodwinsLaw and invokeRule34

Comment: slashvertising? (Score 0) 81

by phluid61 (#43010521) Attached to: A Few Improvements for Firefox's Android UI
Does this not strike anyone else as a massive slashvertisement post? Surely some of the elements mentioned could be extracted to create an article about Android UI design that uses Firefox as a case study; I could see that being relevant to at least some of the /. audience. Or it could have been pared right back to say: there's a new version of Firefox for Android in the works. Instead we have essentially a dump of the changelog of an in-development app. As it is, this is not news.

Comment: Re:No intermediate steps to prove! (Score 1) 123

by phluid61 (#42828895) Attached to: Ancestor of All Placental Mammals Revealed
Consider a hypothetical "evolutionary space", which has room for a certain number of instances of traits. For example, an ecosystem might be able to support 5k big awesome carnivores, or 20k small lame ones, or some ratio of the two. Now imagine such a space as it stood right near the end of the dinosaurs. When the dinosaurs were around, the "space" was full, the only evolutionary "improvements" that could take place were ones that were super effective. Then poof! dinos are gone; a lot more space is available. There is an explosion in evolution. Think of it this way: if there are suddenly no highly evolved and effective dinosaurs around, there are fewer competitors for resources, so evolutionary traits that might otherwise have been less effective (and bred out of the gene pool) are suddenly not so bad; so they're allowed to hang around. And those traits can lead to other wacky traits, and the diversity grows exponentially, until it's your own children who are consuming the resources/out-evolving their siblings/filling the space.

To be a kind of moral Unix, he touched the hem of Nature's shift. -- Shelley