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Comment The smell of slashdot in the morning... (Score 4, Informative) 298

What a misleading title, it is not even in the same continent as the article.

A large number of people obviously didn't read the actual article.

And I guess Knuth has quite a fanboi community on slashdot. I wonder if he really appreciates that ?

Some of those who did read the article, does not seem to know the difference between a binary heap and a binary tree, and even the pretty strong clue to the difference in the text, did not make them go check wikipedia. 10 out of 10 for selfesteem, but 0 out of 10 for clue.

Those who think CS should be unsullied by actual computers should make sure to note this belief on their resume. (Trust me, everybody you send your resume to will appreciate that.)

Those who advocate getting rid of Virtual Memory must have much more money for RAM than is sensible. I wish I could afford that.

About five comments tries, in vain it seems, to explain the point of my article to the unwashed masses (kudos!, but really, what are you doing here ?)

Not one comment rises to a level where I feel a need to answer it specifically. On Reddit over the weekend there were about a handful.

Is that really par for the course on slashdot these days ?

Sic transit gloria mundi...


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