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Comment Re:Don't bother reading the actual article. Its fa (Score 4, Informative) 230

They link to the New Yorker's article: Corruption is continuing in China, but it will take a major reform/progressive movement to stop it all. The New Yorker is mainly on the railroad budget and you will have to go elsewhere to find dirt on the PLA's progress/threat.

Comment Re:weak faults (Score 1) 299

It depends on whether or not the natural gas bearing material is lower than the water table or not. Fracking involves injection of liquids (compounds that are not usually identified) below the water table with other layers of material that supposedly prevents "ducting" or diffusion of bad compounds into the water table. However a "leaking" tube used for injection can cause contamination of the water table.

Comment Re:Sounds good to me. (Score 1) 270

Lithium AA batteries run from $10 to $5 a pair. YMMV. NiMh AA are still developing. I have to recharge mine every two weeks. The older ones used to go down even though in dormant stage. Did you know you can charge up AA alkaline batteries? Just don't overcharge them, monitor its voltage state every 15 minutes and try not to go over 1.8 volts. (btw they do tend to leak after a while)

Comment Re:This is the most lively, dead tablet platform. (Score 1) 121

True it is lively, and this Friday announcement by the HP CEO, Meg Whitman will most likely show how HP will work on WebOS in the future. HP employeees will get first shot at purchasing a Touchpad, there were rumors of a 7in Touchpad selling on Ebay and sales will be limited to 2 per eBay paypal person account.

Comment Re:Bring it! (Score 1) 69

Karma in this life or his past life might have a reason. Still there is a correlation between people who are controlling and diabetes. A lot of Mafia bosses get diabetes.... And there is a correlation between promiscious people and STDs....still supposedly "God" made some rules that we all supposedly try to follow.

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